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Compuware’s integration with Splunk empowers large enterprises to detect security breaches in multi-platform environments.

Problems Solved

The internal complexities of mainframe application portfolios make them notoriously difficult to instrument. And many mainframe application auditing solutions consume excessive processing resources. Some solutions are also difficult to implement and configure.

With the addition of Compuware’s mainframe application security and data integrity information into Splunk’s Operational Intelligence, which already enables enterprises to capture and analyze data generated by computer systems, networks, storage devices, applications, enterprise IT can unify their security and compliance management efforts across multiple platforms.

How the Integration Works

Compuware Hiperstation for application auditing captures and delivers complete, real usage of who is accessing mainframe applications and how. By feeding that data into Splunk’s Operational Intelligence, organizations can much more effectively and efficiently:

  • Discover and respond to behavioral anomalies that indicate a security event or exposure
  • Correlate logs and other data for comprehensive compliance reporting
  • Provide forensic evidence when called upon