Debugging and Analysis

Xpediter is Compuware’s mainframe application interactive debugging tool. It also offers code coverage for mainframe application analysis.

When a mainframe application experiences a problem, developers need to get into an interactive test session to solve the issue. However, complex setup procedures make this a time-consuming step and delay the resolution process.

Compuware’s mainframe application debugging and analysis tool Xpediter enables developers to get into an interactive test session with minimal effort and quickly move applications into production with greater confidence.

Xpediter: The Value of Mainframe Application Debugging and Analysis Tools

  • Delivers new functionality faster with increased productivity in mainframe application development due to better application debugging and analysis
  • Improves ability to reach high code coverage and reduces the time needed to get programs implemented or returned to production
  • Alleviates the pain of lost application knowledge from the mainframe skills shortage due to retiring mainframe application developers
  • Integrated with COPE IMS virtualization technology enabling multiple developers to debug application code in the same or different logical IMS systems within the COPE IMS environment.

Xpediter: The Benefits of Mainframe Application Debugging and Analysis Tools for Developers

  • Gain an intuitive understanding of mainframe application functionality
  • Resolve production abends without impacting program logic or risking data corruption
  • Decrease batch application deployment time and increase reliability
  • Monitor and control execution with added flexibility
  • Trap transactions initiated by a remote source or a non-terminal task
  • Reports provide quick assessments of test-related risk and documentation of testing

Xpediter 9.4: Improved Mainframe Application Debugging and Analysis

The 9.4 Xpediter release introduces batch job multi-step mainframe application debugging, Monitor/Reverse for COBOL programs, adding watch variables into the Variables view and more.