Topaz for Total Test

Automated Unit Testing

Unit Test Automation for Continuous Delivery  

  • Validate code changes immediately
  • Maintain the quality of your codebase
  • Increase velocity to production
  • Eliminate dependency on specialized mainframe knowledge

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Automatically Collect Test Data with Xpediter 

Xpediter automatically collects test data for Topaz for Total Test to use for unit testing. The data is kept with the unit test; it can be copied and edited as well as stored in data stubs.

Automatically Generate a Unit Test and Test Assets

Topaz for Total Test automatically generates unit tests and collects the necessary test assets—including test data and program stubs—to help execute the tests.

Easily Create Test Assertions

Topaz for Total Test generates default unit test result assertions that enable comparisons between the expected results the developer defines in the unit test and the actual results returned by the program. After the unit test executes, the test assertions are evaluated to determine if the test passes or fails.

Portable Data Stubs Move with Unit Tests

Data stubs generated by Topaz for Total Test move with the unit test so the test runs independently of data files eliminating the need to move the data separately. Data within the data stubs can be edited to drive very specific test cases.

Flexibly Execute Unit Tests

Because data stubs are moved with unit tests, developers have the flexibility of executing their unit tests on different LPARs based upon available test environments. Topaz for Total Test also displays a simple list of LPARs with test runners from which to choose. Developers simply need to pick the LPAR and run the test.