Topaz for Enterprise Data

Data Visibility and Understanding

Enterprises must effectively leverage their high-value mainframe data as veteran mainframe professionals retire—and the responsibility of leveraging that data falls to next-generation developers and data architects who have little or no expertise in mainframe technologies.

Topaz for Enterprise Data enables developers at all skill levels to manipulate enterprise data and applications with greater agility, speed and confidence to better meet the demands of mobile and analytics.

Edit Data with a Single Enterprise Editor

A single, intuitive user interface enables developers to manage Oracle, SQL Server, IMS, DB2 and other data types across the enterprise, eliminating the need for source-specific tools for browsing and editing data.

Visualize Data Relationships and Data Extracts

Developers, data architects, analysts and other IT professionals can visually manage vast quantities of data objects using Topaz for Enterprise Data’s Relationship Visualizer, a graphical representation of data relationships across the enterprise.

Topaz for Enterprise Data’s visualization capabilities makes it easy for programmers to visually understand and tune complex related data extracts, produce accurate test data and understand why a given test data extract may not be fulfilling test/QA requirements for completeness or sample size.

The Value of Topaz for Enterprise Data

  • Enables developers and data architects to discover, visualize and work with both mainframe and non-mainframe data in a common, intuitive manner
  • Increases application understanding through rich visualization of data relationships and data extracts
  • Improves application quality with better testing scenarios, simplifying the task of creating complete data extracts for testing purposes and accurately identifying the impact of changing pieces of data
  • Increases data extract tuning opportunities through deeper understanding of the data
  • Reduces project timelines by giving developers and testers more autonomy, yielding greater productivity
  • Offers data for analytics projects
Enterprises can gain tremendous business value from mainframe-resident data, but making use of this key asset is often limited by the need to understand the mysteries of applications developed in CICS and COBOL. Compuware is taking aim at this limitation by more broadly empowering IT professionals to understand and leverage data residing on IBM System z using graphical visualization tools.

— Tim Grieser, Program Vice President for Enterprise System Management Software, IDC