Topaz Connect

Connect to Modern IT Processes and Apps

Mainframe applications remain critically important, but many companies struggle to connect the IT systems that manage mainframe applications with modern tooling used to manage non-mainframe IT applications, leading to a divided culture and toolset. Topaz Connect bridges the mainframe with disparate platforms in the enterprise, eliminating siloes and ensuring the mainframe is included in DevOps processes.

Integrations with Leading ITSM Solutions

Topaz Connect enables DevOps collaboration by connecting Compuware ISPW and ITSM solutions such as BMC, ServiceNow and Tivoli. The integrations enable staff to track processes for mainframe applications in the same manner as they do for other hardware and software platforms. When a change request workflow is initiated in the ITSM that requires code change, the specifics of the change get communicated to ISPW. As the modifications are put into place, the ITSM solution can track all progress of the workflow right through to deployment.

Leverage Existing SCM Tools

Limited functionality within legacy source code management technologies like CA Endevor often prevent IT from delivering consistent value to the business. Enterprises that cannot migrate to another SCM tool still need to develop using a modern Eclipse IDE. Topaz Connect allows developers to access required CA Endevor functionality via Compuware Topaz Workbench, a modern eclipse-based IDE that also provides access to Compuware’s application development and testing tools. Through this integration, developers can execute a range of Endevor capabilities in Eclipse including:

  • Adding and move elements in the lifecycle
  • Generating (compile) elements
  • Creating packages
  • Moving groups in the lifecycle

Custom Integration Points

Topaz Connect’s architecture also enables custom integration points to be developed, enabling additional interaction between mainframe resident processes and off platform applications. In addition, Topaz Connect offers a secure and flexible middleware which allows customers to integrate applications and processes with mainframe REXX scripting.

Benefits of Topaz Connect

  • Enables mainframe-inexperienced programmers to manage mainframe code
  • Eliminates the siloes created by lack of integrated tooling, enabling faster delivery of business value
  • Maximizes enterprise IT automation by reducing disparate manual processes
  • Leverages existing ITSM investments
  • Enhances process efficiencies