Data Management

File-AID for Mainframe Application Development

File-AID is Compuware’s cross-platform file and data management solution. Developers need application test data in order to develop new functionality and manage production problems related to your most business-critical applications. However, they can devote up to 60 percent of their actual mainframe application development time on data-related tasks. Compuware’s mainframe data management and mainframe file management solution, File-AID, provides quick and convenient access to the necessary data and files, enabling developers to focus their time on actual mainframe application development work instead of hunting around for data.

The Value of File-AID for Mainframe Data Management

  • Ensure all test conditions are met by selecting the precise application test data you need
  • Customize application test data for a particular application and specific conditions
  • Mainframe data management controls IT costs related to application test data creation
  • Reduce the expense of test execution runtimes

The Value of File-AID for Mainframe File Management

  • With mainframe file management, access all standard file types regardless of record length or format
  • Automatically compare data files or objects to simplify the test-results validation process
  • Reformat files by easily modifying an existing file format instead of starting from scratch
  • Extract and load related subsets of data from multiple databases

The Benefit of File-AID for Developers and Mainframe Application Test Data

  • Enhance the productivity of your mainframe application development team
  • Migrate to COBOL v5 and above more easily and experience the associated performance benefits
  • Prevent accidental or malicious misuse of customer information with application test data privacy

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