Fault Management

Abend-AID for Mainframe Application Development

Abend-AID is Compuware’s mainframe application failure resolution and application fault management solution.

When an application fails, developers must manually cross-reference pages of recorded application memory information with pages of application code to understand why the failure occurred.

Application fault management with Abend-AID reduces this tedious and time-consuming task, enabling mainframe application development personnel to tackle higher-priority work assignments.

Abend-AID: The Value of Application Fault Management and Application Failure Resolution

  • Optimize resources by improving the application fault management and application failure resolution process
  • Reduce mainframe application development downtime and time-to-market for new functionality
  • Ensure application reliability and performance
  • Achieve appropriate service levels

Abend-AID: The Benefits of Application Fault Management and Application Failure Resolution

  • Quick application failure resolution with source-level analysis
  • Identify errors and verify test results through a directory of all fault activity
  • View the actual text of a statement causing an error and the contents of its related fields
  • Clearly display data in storage and data being transferred between programs
  • Identify field lengths and index values for multi-dimensional tables
  • View source code for program logic