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Is your test data reliable, efficient and secure? Our customers use optimized test data to ensure application quality, protect privacy and enable developers to do more testing in less time.

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Can you ensure the productivity of your development resources? Our customers develop revenue-generating services from legacy applications to deliver more services, faster.

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As the world continues to rely on the unmatched stability and consistency of the mainframe to support business-critical applications, Compuware provides the software, experts and best practices to ensure those applications work well and deliver value. For organizations that need to optimize developer productivity, reduce costs and improve service quality throughout the application life cycle, Compuware’s industry-leading mainframe solutions help them: understand code, optimize test data, test and debug, pinpoint problems, validate quality, and tune applications and performance. Compuware offers the most user-friendly and efficient solutions on the market. To maximize productivity and better enable the next generation of mainframe developers, our solutions work in both a traditional green screen environment or in a familiar open development environment.

Compuware provides mainframe services and products for application development, mainframe testing and mainframe application performance management.

File-AID products provide a consistent, familiar and secure method for IT professionals to access, analyze, edit, compare, move and transform data across all strategic environments. File-AID products are used to quickly resolve production data problems and manage ongoing changes to data and databases at any stage of the application life cycle, including building test data environments to provide the right data in the shortest time. The File-AID product family can also be used to address test data privacy compliance requirements in pre-production test environments.

Xpediter interactive mainframe debugging tools help developers integrate enterprise applications, build new applications and modernize and extend their legacy applications, satisfying corporate scalability, reliability and security requirements. Xpediter products deliver powerful analysis and testing capabilities across multiple environments, helping developers test more accurately and reliably, in less time.

Hiperstation products deliver complete pre-production testing functionality for automating test creation and execution, test results analysis and documentation. Hiperstation also provides application auditing capabilities to address regulatory compliance and other business requirements. The products simulate the on-line systems environment, allowing programmers to test applications under production conditions without requiring actual users at terminals. Powerful functions and features enhance unit, concurrency, integration, migration, capacity, regression and stress testing. When deployed in production, Hiperstation allows scalable logging of application transactions and provide audit reporting to aid in problem resolution and to support other uses of the captured transaction information such as analysis of security breaches.

Abend-AID products enable IT professionals to quickly diagnose and resolve application and system failures. The products automatically collect program and environmental information, analyze the information and present diagnostic and supporting data in a way that can be easily understood by all levels of IT staff. Automated failure notification helps speed problem resolution and reduces downtime. Learn more about Abend-AID Fault Management Solutions.

At every phase of the application life cycle, Strobe products locate and eliminate sources of mainframe performance issues and excessive resource demands. Strobe measures the activity of z/OS-based online and batch applications, providing reports on where and how time is spent during execution. Strobe supports an extensive array of subsystems, databases and languages. These products can be applied via a systematic program to reduce the consumption of mainframe resources and reduce associated costs and/or make resources available for additional business workloads.

Compuware Workbench
The Compuware Workbench leverages Eclipse to provide an open source, interactive development environment. It provides a common framework and single launch-point from which to initiate Compuware’s mainframe products, as well as the capability to launch non-mainframe/distributed products from one platform. The graphical user interface is familiar to users who are accustomed to developing in a modern development environment, making common mainframe tasks faster and simpler to perform for both experienced developers and those who are new to the mainframe. Learn more about mainframe modernization.

Test Data Privacy
Compuware Test Data Privacy protects organizations and their customers from data breaches by making test data anonymous. The solution protects information when exposed to development teams, IT vendors and third-party developers. Test Data Privacy quickly scrambles, translates, generates, analyzes and validates test data for both mainframe and distributed applications. Business rules can be incorporated to standardize and enforce data manipulation rules.