User Experience Management

Compuware APM Synthetic Application Performance Monitoring for Mobile and Web monitors and measures your critical applications for response time and availability, leveraging the largest and most comprehensive performance-testing network in the world. Our integrated platform makes it easy to test transactions for mobile and web applications from major backbone sites and real consumer PCs around the globe. Get an “outside-in” perspective by using real browsers from the locations and networks your customers use. Prevent performance problems before they negatively impact your customers, your business, and your brand.

Understand Availability and Performance from the User Perspective

Synthetic application monitoring diagram

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Monitor mission critical web applications 24x7 to ensure optimal performance and high availability

If the front door of your store is locked and you are unaware, business drops to zero. Compuware APM helps ensure that your business critical applications are always open for business and performing as well as you expect. When problems do occur, you are rapidly notified so problems can be fixed before they negatively impact your business.

Understand User Experience for Mobile

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Understand the user experience for a new generation of mobile users accessing applications over wireless carrier networks at 3G and 4G speeds

The explosive growth and adoption of 4G technology by consumers using smartphones and tablets is driving significant growth in mobile web traffic. Monitor, alert, identify and resolve mobile website and native application performance issues to maximize mobile business and ensure customer satisfaction.

Analyze Mobile and Web Performance Across the Broadest Support of Commercial Browsers

Synthetic monitoring by Compuware APM

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Measure and compare performance across various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome) using the industry’s broadest support for commercial browsers

Increasing complexity at the edge of the Internet makes finding and fixing web performance problems harder than ever. With support of more than 85% of the commercial browsers, Compuware APM offers the industry’s broadest coverage of technologies used to access your mobile and web applications. Ensure you deliver best-in-class user experience regardless of the browser your customers use.

Proactively Monitor the Impact of Cloud and Third-Party Services on User Experience

Web application performance monitoring

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Gain control of the impact 3rd parties have on your website’s performance

Modern mobile and web applications rely on third-party service providers like CDNs, ad networks, e-commerce platforms, and social media networks to get things done. With auto-discovered detailed object and host level data for over 1,500 discrete services, Compuware APM provides you with an effective way to manage the third-party services you have come to rely on. Internet-wide collection intelligence determines if an issue is isolated to your customers, or shared by all users of a third-party service. Clear and concise reports can be shared with your partners to quickly identify and resolve performance problems even before your customers find out.

Measure and Verify Service Level Agreements


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Validate that IT is meeting the service levels for performance and availability as agreed upon with line of business stakeholders

IT service level agreements (SLAs) are key to your business performance. Externally, measure service-level compliance of your outsourced service providers and third-party applications, such as ratings and reviews, ads, news feeds, e-commerce, content delivery networks (CDNs) and managed hosting providers. Internally, ensure availability and performance levels as agreed on with your business stakeholders with Compuware APM’s automatically delivered SLA reports.

Gain Visibility Into Performance Across The Globe

Most Comprehensive Performance

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Utilize the the world’s largest synthetic montoring network to compare performance across the Internet backbone, the edge of the Internet (last mile), & mobile carrier networks

Utilize the world’s largest synthetic monitoring network to compare performance across the Internet backbone, the edge of the Internet (last mile), & mobile carrier networks. Gain visibility into the end user perspective with Compuware APM Synthetic Last Mile network. With more than 100,000 Last Mile locations in 162 countries, get instant global and local perspectives on the performance of your properties from the browser back to the application. Test with commercial browsers, networks, wireless carriers, mobile devices and real consumer desktops for the most accurate picture of end user experience available.

Faster Answers

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APMaas - Faster Answer

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Instantly identify all the problems impacting your web performance

Because there may be multiple overlapping problem patterns responsible for a web site performance issue, only analytics engine can process thousands of information and data points to produce an easy to consume detailed problem identification and causes ranking, all in a matter of seconds. Compile and compare good versus poor performance across several different known problem patterns and receive a detailed but simple and intuitive analysis which lists all the problems and the locations where they were observed.

Real-time APM on Your Smartphone

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Real-time APM on Your Smartphone

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Monitor your web performance in the palm of your hand

Access mission critical APM information from your Android or iPhone smartphone. With a couple of taps and a few swipes, you can quickly check the health of your mission critical applications, isolate the cause of the problem and hand it off to the appropriate team for resolution.


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Benchmark your website’s performance against key competitors in your respective industry

Industry benchmarks from Compuware APM give you the ability to track and compare your mobile and web application performance against competitors and industry leaders. Understand how you stack up. Analyze what others do better. Leverage these insights to make the performance of your application a competitive differentiator to increase market share, revenue and customer loyalty.

Lowest Cost of Ownership with Zero-Configuration

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Zero Configuration

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Focus on your job without worrying about configuration using dynamic out-of-the-box dashboards and workflows

Compuware APM lets IT do more with less. It simplifies and automates cumbersome, manual tasks required by traditional monitoring systems. With zero-configuration dashboards, auto-discovery of third-party services, and self-service reporting, Compuware APM reduces costs while providing advanced capabilities for the operational challenges of modern applications.