User Experience Management

Compuware APM Real-User Monitoring for Enterprise Applications features the industry’s most reliable and scalable solution for enterprise application management and monitoring. Unlike other solutions, Compuware APM provides a complete view of all applications, for all users, all transactions, and all locations, 24/7. Make better investment and infrastructure decisions guided by your users’ actual experience. Optimize your most critical business applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Siebel, Cerner, Epic and many others.

Application Performance from the End-User Perspective for SAP, Oracle EBS, ERPs and More

Enterprise application management

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Database query names picked up from network traffic help isolate a problem at an SAP application’s back end.

Manage your entire enterprise application portfolio for performance, availability and usage. Compuware APM provides broad support for web and non-web applications such as SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite and Cerner, operating in virtualized and physical environments. Specialized analysis modules expose end-user experience and remove blind spots for databases, middleware, applications, VDI and network protocols, including IBM MQ, XML/SOAP, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Proactively Detect and Isolate Performance Issues Before Your Users Are Affected

RUM Real User Monitoring

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Immediately view every tier of an application on your tablet, from the web front-end to the supporting application and database tiers.

Limiting the impact of performance issues on the business is the most important challenge faced by IT. Automated analysis determines normal versus abnormal application performance, and helps you get a step ahead. Benefit from the industry’s broadest range of application analysis modules to quickly identify the fault domain across all infrastructure tiers. Then dive deep into issues and fix them in record time.

Understand Business Impact by Quantifying Active and Performance-Affected Users

User monitoring for enterprise apps

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How critical is the problem? How many users are suffering? Who are they and where are they located?

RUM (Real user monitoring) enables you to understand who your users are and how, when and where they use your applications. Only with this information can you tell whether performance problems are global application issues or are isolated to specific sub-groups, like location, browser or client software version. Compuware APM characterizes each user’s experience and then builds an aggregate picture.

Gain End-to-End visibility in Citrix environments

User experience visibility in Citrix

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Gain insight into the performance of remote desktop activity with the Citrix ICA protocol analysis.

How does Citrix affect application response time and the end-user experience? With Compuware APM, you will understand application delivery for both Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Manage Citrix performance in context of applications and user transactions, complete with visibility into the actual users’ names.

See How Network, Infrastructure Tiers, Citrix, WAN Optimization Impact User Experience

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Ability to cover all parts of the application delivery chain

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A WAN problem with retransmissions and latency affects real user performance at two locations.

Traditional performance management solutions lack the ability to cover and correlate all parts of the application delivery chain. Resolve these blind spots. Leverage the industry’s leading broad view of end-user experience with the ability to proactively monitor all users, all transactions, through all infrastructure tiers in the most complex environments.

Analyze the Network’s Contribution to App Performance and User Experience

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Realized bandwidth measured for locations

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Quickly view in-depth user experience, network performance and other metrics by destination.

Quickly view in-depth user experience, network performance and other metrics by destination.

Business applications and networks are intertwined. This makes it crucial to get a correlated view of the health of your enterprise applications and the network from a single dashboard. See the contribution of network performance to application performance and availability, in context of end user experience.