Mobile Application Monitoring – Free Edition provides a comprehensive user experience monitoring solution for iOS and Android apps. The cloud-based Free Edition offers quick and easy mobile application performance monitoring, giving you deep insight into end-user experience, performance, and usage analytics. 

Mobile application performance tool

Master the Native Mobile App User Experience

The only iOS and Android based mibile application monitoring solution that combines crash diagnostics, performance and business analytics for native mobile apps. Track application usage, performance, availability, business level information, and detects crashes within a unified solution.

Mobile application performance monitoring solution

Monitor Real End-user Experience

Measure the actual performance and availability of your native apps by monitoring every user and every action, from every mobile device, 24x7. Monitor mobile application performance directly from the mobile device, capturing characteristics such as signal strength, battery charge, carrier, and memory status.

Mobile application performance diagnostics

Capture Crash Diagnostics

Find and fix app failures fast by capturing detailed information about the device, the user, and the context of the crash. Drill down to a complete stack trace and the exact line of code where the app crashed.

Mobile application performance analytics

Usage Analytics

Track every user visit to your application, segmenting them by device, operating system, carrier, country and connectivity.  Understand exactly how users are interacting with your app, and where the hotspots are.

Mobile application performance monitoring analytics

Custom Metrics

Instrument your app to collect custom metrics for tracking business transactions or objectives, conversions, revenue, in-app purchases, or to gain more technical insight. 

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Get Up and Running in Minutes

So easy to implement, you can be seeing data in less than an hour.