Lifecycle Performance Management

Ever wonder why so many application issues still show up in production? Or why your engineering team didn’t catch them sooner, when pain and costs were less? Compuware APM for Application Development enables teams to proactively focus on performance and scalability during application development. It helps teams rapidly prototype new functionality, measure transaction performance and conduct component tests that can accompany release candidates sent to Test/QA. Seamless integration with any build environment makes performance-driven development a continuous, proactive process. Build better applications faster, with less effort and greater reliability. Leadership starts in development.

Embrace Agile with Continuous Integration

Developing applications process

Are you already leveraging the benefits of automated testing in application development? Are you thinking about the next step? Compuware APM extends the continuous integration processes of any build and test system with automated performance analysis, component and transaction regression detection, and architectural validation. This makes it easier to build applications right the first time. Reduce cycle time, increase team efficiency and eliminate production firefights through integration with your automated build-and-test systems.

Avoid Tedious Problem Reproduction with Problem Capture in Production through our Application Development Testing

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Performance: Application development test

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Get ahead of regression issues.  Compare runtime execution of any two versions to instantly detect differences.

Ever waste days or weeks trying to reproduce application issues that occur in test or production? Ever suffer from not being able to reproduce the problem at all? If “yes”, you are not alone. Not only does this impact schedules, it's tedious time spent by your best engineers. Avoid poring through logs to find performance problem root cause. Compuware APM provides you with fully correlated, exact code-level detail. Your team can consistently isolate and resolve even the toughest application issues in 1/10th of the time.

Validate Architecture Early and Often

Application development validation

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View actual application behavior with Transaction Flow and UML Sequence diagrams. Validate third-party code and detect regressions before they creep into your build.

Application architects would never be developing applications without modeling the architecture first. But how often do we validate that what’s been built actually adheres to the model? With today’s complex applications, including those developed by third parties, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to validate application design and its impact on performance. Compuware APM automatically analyzes and documents the transaction behavior of your application using interactive UML Sequence and dynamic Transaction Flow diagrams. You see exactly how your application responds under load, and can easily validate conformance with architectural specifications.

Automate Regression Detection

Developing applications detection

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Understand at-a-glance how your current build differs from any other build, and make regression creep a thing of the past.

Trend charts between applications let you combat regressions with transaction and component facts, not guesswork. Easily compare your current build with any other build or the "gold master" running in production and receive a deep differential analysis. Visually explore and communicate performance trends with Performance Warehouse charts that display key KPIs over time and many builds.

Diagnose Beyond Profilers

Brwoser PurePaths

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Understand exactly how code changes impact performance with code-level visibility and timings.

Today’s applications overwhelm even the best profilers. Compuware APM provides a new option: Transaction Regression Testing. It measures the impact of code changes on transaction performance by tracing every transaction from end to end, with code-level visibility and timings. Go beyond the limitation of single-tier profiling where you and your team have to make connections, correlate results and guess with incomplete data.

Integrate with IDE and Continuous Integration Tools with Ease

Integrate best practices for performance-driven development into the fabric of your development process. Compuware APM for Development integrates with popular IDEs, such as Eclipse and VStudio, as well as the most popular build automation and functional test frameworks, including Hudson, CruiseControl, HP Test Director, and more. Now you can integrate continuous PurePath tracing and session recording for unit, functional, transaction and load testing into your development environment.