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Get 100% visibility into all transactions, all of the time.
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User Experience
Get insight into every transaction from every user, device, application and location. Follow every swipe or click through your entire server-side infrastructure.
Cloud Visibility
Gain visibility and control of your private, public and hybrid cloud-based apps. Automatically discover and monitor the most complex and dynamic environments.
All Tiers
Automatically trace every transaction across web and application servers, messaging middleware, enterprise services buses and more with ease.
Code-Level Detail
Eliminate guesswork with visibility down to a single method or database call. Automatically pinpoint problems through smart baselining and anomaly detection.
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Compuware APM is a 4X Consecutive Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
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Compuware dynaTrace
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Get greater insight into your performance without heavy lifting. Capture complete transactions for every user’s visit, any time from any device, browser or location. Easily identify which users have experienced problems, and quickly understand the business impact. Replay transactions, drill down for root cause analysis, and gain full visibility into how your performance is impacting your bottom line.
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Compuware APM is the leader in a New Generation of Application Performance Management. Unlike traditional APM solutions that are heavy, difficult and reactive, Compuware APM is light, smart and proactive.

Designed to manage the complexity of today's most challenging web, cloud, mobile, enterprise and Big Data applications, Compuware APM optimizes and monitors tens of thousands of applications for more than 5,000 customers, large and small, around the globe.

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