Compuware APM AJAX Edition offers the most advanced deep-dive web application performance monitoring and diagnostics into JavaScript execution, DOM access, rendering activities and network traffic for analyzing and troubleshooting web applications. Quickly trace and profile web apps to understand performance characteristics, identify hotspots and isolate performance problems in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Debugging AJAX edition

Find What's Causing Web Performance Issues

Website performance is critical for business. Get a full picture of where your application is slowing down and what may be causing the problem. AJAX Edition has all the information to pinpoint the high-level area all the way down to the actual line of code that needs to be improved.

Investigate Potential Web Performance Improvements

Poor performance directly impacts loyalty, brand and sales. AJAX Edition automatically analyzes your web applications and suggests ways to improve performance based on best practices. See how well your web application performance is rated, where you should make improvements and how to optimize your site.

AJAX edition tool

Build More Interactive Web Apps Faster

Faster, more interactive web applications lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversions. Using frameworks such as jQuery, GWT, YUI, Dojo, and others makes it easier to build Web 2.0 applications, but harder to identify performance problems. AJAX Edition provides code-level visibility into complex frameworks that are otherwise a black box.

Understand Exactly What is Happening in the Browser

Browsers and their runtimes (JavaScript, DOM) have become application platforms. Browsers behave differently and not every user is on the same browser or version, which makes it much harder to pinpoint performance problems. With AJAX Edition you can analyze cross-browser and version-specific problems in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The Most Advanced
Browser Diagnostic Tool

Version 4.4
Supported Platforms:
Internet Explorer and Firefox

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