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October 18, 2018 DevOps

Where Are You on Your Mainframe DevOps Journey?

Mainframe-powered firms are all at unique points in their mainframe DevOps journeys. We know this through the DevOps Transition Workshops we conduct with customers; the DevOps data we collect from customers leveraging Compuware zAdviser; and the insight we glean from industry thought leaders, analysts and partners.

Whether that means your journey hasn’t begun or you’re using CI/CD pipelines, we want to help you learn and continue to leverage the power of mainframe DevOps. We’ve made it easy to discover where you are and where you’re going on your mainframe DevOps journey, with five stages that offer supporting resources to help you move forward.

See Where You Are

Stage 1: No Plans for Mainframe DevOps

In this stage, we help you understand why your mainframe is critical to your digital success. Not only is the platform absolutely necessary for managing most of your mission-critical applications and sensitive corporate and customer data that power front-end innovation, it’s also highly scalable, reliable, securable and provides unique economic advantages.

Stage 2: Considering Mainframe DevOps

The second stage of the mainframe DevOps journey helps you understand why DevOps is so important to the success of your mainframe and your business. As workloads grow and experts retire, DevOps is the philosophy that will help you change your mainframe to meet the needs of your business.

Stage 3: Creating a Mainframe DevOps Plan

Once you understand the importance of DevOps, in stage three it’s time to start developing a plan to implement changes to your mainframe culture, processes and tools. We help you envision a cross-platform DevOps toolchain and explain how to start partnering with DevOps leaders in your organization who can guide you in what steps to take.

Stage 4: Moving Your Mainframe DevOps Plan Forward

In stage four of the mainframe DevOps journey, it’s time to actually execute on your transformation plan. We help you understand how this will include an ongoing evolution of your mainframe toolset as you ditch outdated solutions that hold you back and bring in modern software to increase visibility, automation and integrations with best-of-breed DevOps products to build your toolchain.

Stage 5: Continuous Improvement

By the time you hit stage five, you’ll start to realize this “DevOps journey” thing really is just that—a journey. That’s why this stage is really an endless cycle of continuous improvement. You’ll continue hitting bottlenecks and obstacles as you accelerate mainframe application development and delivery.

To get over those, you’ll need a way to measure what you’re doing right or wrong and use that data to pivot. In this stage, we’ll help you understand what KPIs and metrics you can use as well as how to leverage the right tools and processes to make improvements to quality, velocity and efficiency.

Take the Mainframe DevOps Journey

Mainframe-powered enterprises can’t afford to waste time searching out routes around the mainframe—you need this platform, and it needs DevOps to adapt and find deeper inclusion in your cross-platform ecosystem of front- and back-end platforms supporting customer-facing innovation.

Not only that, but DevOps can’t become a project with a completion data. It must become an ongoing journey through which you invest in continuous improvement to constantly beat the status quo.

So, where are you on your mainframe DevOps journey? Wherever you are we’re with you every step of the way.