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Dig Deeper: What Else Can Abend-AID Do for You?

Overview: If you haven’t thought about Compuware Abend-AID in a while, you might be surprised about its enhancements. Learn about Abend-AID’s hidden treasure chest of capabilities.

When we’ve used a product for a long time, we can get a little complacent. The solution works and does what we want; we forget to carefully review the release updates, especially if we never have problems. Compuware Abend-AID is one of those tools.  We’ve all used it for years and relied on it to solve application issues. For example, Abend-AID really improved my original dump-reading process where we sat around tables in the war-room, reading boxes of print-out and making convoluted notes.

What’s Getting in Our Way?

As the years pass, larger mainframes are managed by fewer SysProgs. More complex applications are managed by fewer application programmers. Who has the time to read all the documentation that comes with every release? You might check it out if you’re looking for a specific fix or feature you requested.  But otherwise, it’s hard enough to find the cycles to install the update, enabling new functionality. Working as designed and doing exactly what we need it to do seems to be enough.  Often, it doesn’t even occur to us that new features might be added. If a product is older, stable and already full-featured, it’s easy to assume that nothing is needed.

What Have We Been Missing?

Perhaps you weren’t aware of all the integrations provided with Abend-AID.  Abend-AID provides access to numerous integration points with Xpediter, File-AID, SDSF and third-party products like Splunk. In the latest release, you can now collect Abend-AID usage data and provide these records to Enterprise Common Components to upload for use and analysis by zAdviser, which can then measure quality, velocity, and efficiency of mainframe development. For those seeking to reduce the footprint of running Abend-AID, particularly for reports with large numbers of modules or discrete control blocks, you’ll now find these running faster and with less CPU time.

It’s easy to find a quick overview of the latest updates. Look for the product on the Compuware website, select “Tech-Doc” at the top of the page, click on your product, then read the release notes on the next page.

What Else is New?

Ever have an issue with invalid data? Are you sure that someone/something modified a variable, but can’t find it in the code? Have you concerns that some heavily modified code segments have Perform statements out of order, but can’t follow the complex logic in your head? Are you aware of the integrations between Abend-AID and File-AID?

Solutions to these issues will be presented in an upcoming webinar. You’ll also learn about how to create the exact report format you want and how to get value from your File-AID/Abend-AID integration.

 What Should You Do Next?

If you’ve got a half hour,  watch the “Abend-AID’s Hidden Treasure Chest of Capabilities” webinar. During the webcast, product gurus will provide details on some of the best, recently-added features AND show you how to use them. It will be a worthwhile 30 minutes.


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