Two Platform IT: Mainframe + Cloud = Digital Excellence

Two Platform IT: Mainframe + Cloud = Digital Excellence

Compuware’s data-center floor was once littered with 59 racks housing 600-plus servers totaling 10 tons of complex, costly x86 infrastructure. Today, that space is empty, and Compuware’s business applications are consumed as cloud services, while its mission-critical assets exist on the mainframe.

This mainframe + cloud strategy is called Two-platform IT, and it’s enabling Compuware to:

  • Reduce IT complexity and the environmental footprint
  • Save $4.7 million per year, including overhead and manpower costs
  • Increase speed and efficiency for nimble IT decision-making
  • Re-invest savings and IT talent in projects that drive greater business value

Watch this three-minute video to see how Compuware is leveraging the mainframe and the cloud under Two-platform IT to create competitive differentiation and maximum digital effectiveness.

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