Data Privacy

How We Helped a Company Uphold Data Privacy During a Merger

With 9,500 employees connected through several advanced IT systems, a leading global container shipping company tests new application functionality using real data. This eliminates issues before putting changes into production, ensuring the delivery of high-quality IT services. To do this, the company must use data specific to each application and make sure tests are consistent.

While preparing for a potential merger, the company realized it needed a secure way to both share training materials and create relevant live training data for new employees while maintaining its current flexibility and efficiency in testing scenarios.

The company faced the challenge of constructing a realistic, production-like environment for its core applications without revealing important intellectual property that is key to its competitiveness and without disrupting its current processes.

Solving the Data Privacy Challenge

To solve this challenge, the shipping company needed a test data privacy and optimization solution that would make it easy to securely distribute its training materials and live training data with new employees worldwide without compromising data protection and security compliance.

The solution needed to be capable of:

  • Extracting and disguising data from mainframe and distributed systems for testing and training
  • Incorporating with the shipping company’s in-house solution
  • Enabling customization of data protection options so data sets can be adapted for individual testing and training scenarios
  • Providing a user-friendly interface

After surveying several companies, the company decided to adopt Compuware’s Test Data Management solution, which leverages Compuware’s data privacy and test data optimization product File-AID.

Gained Benefits

After adopting Compuware’s Test Data Management solution, the company could secure all its data while ensuring it could maintain a high level of flexibility and efficiency during the merger. The solution enabled the company to set up a new training system in time to conduct training for new users, while also helping the company improve its data optimization process.

For more on how Compuware’s Test Data Management solution helped this global container shipping company create a realistic and production-like environment for core IT applications without disclosing any potentially competitive information, read the case study.