Topaz on AWS

Topaz on AWS

Cloud Access to Modern Mainframe Development

Topaz on AWS, the industry’s first cloud access to a modern mainframe development environment, provides developers immediate access to new capabilities in Topaz.

Topaz on AWS leverages Amazon AppStream 2.0 technology, a fully managed, secure application streaming service that allows users to stream desktop applications from AWS to an HTML5 web browser on Windows and Linux PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.

Analyst Reports


“With Topaz on AWS, Compuware gives enterprises all the benefits of their intuitive, innovative development framework and combines it with the scale, flexibility and ease-of-administration of AWS. That’s a winning combination.”

Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst, Intellyx

Key Features of Topaz on AWS

Comprehensive Security

The solution features a comprehensive security framework that enterprises can use to deploy Topaz. Administrators can leverage a template that sets up a network that acts as a secure extension of the enterprise’s data center accessible only by developers. Amazon’s AppStream service secures and encrypts every pixel delivered to developers on whatever device they are using.

Highly Performant User Experience

To use Topaz on AWS, users receive an initial link, user name and password. Compuware and Amazon have created a highly performant, secure and fluid user experience that mirrors that of a natively installed application.

Additional Features for Developers

Developers can:

  • Take full advantage of a modern mainframe development stack that brings Agile/DevOps to COBOL apps
  • Immediately access Topaz’s latest features and functionality as soon as the cloud instance of Topaz is updated
  • Leverage multiple versions of Topaz, including new releases undergoing verification in the customer’s environment as well as existing versions that have already been rolled out
  • Conveniently get to Compuware’s other web-based solutions as well as preferred DevOps tools via a single browser window
  • Easily access datasets and data files, and change source code, all as if the user environment was locally installed

Additional Features for Administrators

Administrators can:

  • Deploy a secure and reliable infrastructure to support Topaz on AWS using Amazon CloudFormation technology
  • Leverage a configuration UI that makes it easy to quickly configure secure connectivity between Topaz on AWS and a mainframe environment
  • Enjoy single instance administration and deploy any number of Topaz instances to developers in minutes
Topaz on AWS