Topaz on AWS | Upending DevOps
October 17, 2017 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Topaz on AWS Is ‘Upending Mainframe DevOps’ [Analyst Report]

After years of waterfall development, a phase of rapid downsizing and ensuing disbelief from the IT and business worlds that Compuware could ever reinstitute itself as a competitive mainframe leader, the company had two choices: subsist in managed decline, proving skeptics right, or transform into an Agile mainframe software disruptor.

Three years and 12 consecutive quarters of mainframe software innovation later, Compuware’s October 2017 launch of Topaz on AWS is the most recent evolution of that transformation—and it’s “upend[ing] mainframe DevOps and mainframe IT,” notable mainframe analyst Rich Ptak of Ptak Associates writes in his latest report, “Compuware Delivers Topaz on AWS to Mainstream the Mainframe.”

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Topaz on AWS is a groundbreaking solution that makes Topaz, Compuware’s transformative Agile and DevOps tool for COBOL, available via Amazon Web Services (AWS) leveraging Amazon AppStream 2.0 technology, building off the company’s mainframe-plus-cloud strategy.

Topaz on AWS

An Industry First

Conversations around the mainframe and cloud have evolved into a “maelstrom of technical prejudice,” Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley recently said, referring to those who position “modern” tech against “legacy” systems and create confusion around which platforms are worthy of continued investment.

Topaz on AWS helps decision-makers break away from that convolution to focus on leveraging existing mainframe assets with the power of the cloud for customer-centric digital transformation projects.

“Developers can enjoy the same user experience on the cloud as if Topaz was locally installed while fully leveraging all the security, performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and accessibility features of the AWS platform” in any browser and on any device, Ptak writes.

Furthermore, this mainframe-cloud combo cuts Topaz install times from hours to minutes thanks to “Compuware’s patent-pending technology [that] provides an intuitive, streamlined configuration menu that leverages AWS best practices, and makes it easy for systems administrators to quickly and easily configure their Topaz on AWS infrastructure, customized to their specific needs, in a few simple steps,” Ptak writes.

Leveraging AWS Cloud Architecture Strengths

Topaz already offers mainframe developers a modern alternative to the clunky ISPF-based methods of development and testing. It’s Eclipse-based IDE, Topaz Workbench, and mainstream capabilities like static and dynamic visualization enable anyone, regardless of experience, to understand and work on any program, no matter how old or complex.

The AWS cloud architecture supplements these Agile and DevOps strengths with its own endowment of:

  • Security
  • Cost optimization
  • Reliability
  • Operational excellence
  • Performance efficiency

You can learn more about each when you download the analyst report.

Is It for You?

Despite the unprecedented ability of Topaz on AWS to bring together the two most powerful platforms available to enterprises, Ptak acknowledges “choosing public cloud service delivery of the Topaz suite may appear to be risky or even premature to some potential users.”

However, users should “examine what Compuware and Amazon have done to mitigate the risks. We believe that many will find the decision to move this development activity to the cloud makes sense.”

Compuware | CloudBees Jenkins

Beyond AWS

Topaz on AWS is just one of Compuware’s many initiatives to help customers make progress in their DevOps journeys. For example, amidst a litany of other Compuware toolchain enhancements, a new collaboration with CloudBees lets customers use Compuware ISPW and Topaz for Total Test with Jenkins Enterprise to streamline mainframe DevOps and facilitate digital transformation across all platforms.

It’s these and other “capabilities that were never thought possible or are radically changing mainframe operations,” Ptak writes.

On a nonstop mission to continuously improve customers’ DevOps toolchains and enable the integration of the mainframe into their Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipelines, Ptak says Compuware appears “to be on track to continue that success.”

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