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Topaz for Program Analysis

Application Visualization

 Topaz for Program Analysis

Intelligent Analysis and Visualization of Mainframe Programs

Topaz for Program Analysis is part of the Compuware Topaz® suite of mainframe development and testing tools. It helps developers understand unfamiliar or complex mainframe applications through a visual representation of both the code structure and logic as well as the actual I/O and program trail during execution.

Topaz for Program Analysis includes Runtime Visualizer, a feature that provides unprecedented graphical visibility into often-complex interactions between mainframe programs. This visibility makes it easy for veteran and novice developers alike to quickly understand, update and troubleshoot even the oldest and most complex mainframe code.

With Topaz for Program Analysis, developers can:

  • See dynamic, graphical mapping of program-to-program calls
  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks, inefficiencies and inter-program impacts
  • Analyze and understand deeper program details
  • See a “snapshot” of a program’s real behavior in production under present conditions
  • Group together source code for programs into Java-like “projects”
  • Discover and investigate dependencies across programs and copybooks, without moving code off the mainframe
  • See an instant static visual summary of a single program
  • Support both COBOL and PL/1 applications

The Value of Topaz for Program Analysis

  • Helps next-generation developers understand highly complex applications
  • Replaces fear with confidence when maintaining unfamiliar code
  • Enables companies to further leverage their existing mainframe assets
  • Increases developer productivity by offering elegant simplicity in design and usability
  • Improves application quality and delivery speed by producing better change specifications and speeding up the actual time needed to change programs
  • Advances application performance by showing I/O calls that can be used to identify unnecessary program calls

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Key Features of Topaz for Program Analysis

Runtime Visualizer

Gain graphical visibility into what happens when an application executes, including the ability to save and replay the execution trace without source code dependencies through the Runtime Visualizer feature.


 3270 Emulator

Complete one-off “green screen” tasks without leaving Topaz with the Topaz 3270 Emulator.


Dynamic Flow Charting

Access a flow chart of a program being edited, which can be leveraged to drive editing.


Display Logic Flow of COBOL Paragraphs or PL/1 PROC

Leverage a visual representation of logic (ideal for gaining a quick understanding or for code walkthroughs), which can be used to drive the editor session.

Logic Flow

Data Flow

Gain visual and tabular displays of inputs to and outputs from any variable used in the program.

Data Flow

Assess Program-level Metrics

Quickly understand the scope of a program though program-level metrics.


View Program Behavior

See I/O types and drive edit/browse sessions from the visualization.


Detailed Information on Program Calls

Get specific information on the programs called during application execution, then filter, sort, display and export these trace records for other use.


“Mainframes have long been the platform of choice for enterprise systems of record, and today they are the backbone for many modern digital applications. Compuware’s commitment to supporting current as well as the next generation of mainframe professionals with easy to use, innovative tools is of great service to enterprise customers who recognize the mainframe as the modern, digital platform it will continue to be for years to come.”

 — Jason Bloomberg, president of digital transformation analyst firm Intellyx