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Three Companies Dedicated to Evolving Their Mainframe Development

Last week, Compuware employees from around the world assembled in Downtown Detroit for the company’s annual Sales Kickoff to review important mainframe and IT topics like Agile and DevOps, as well as to learn more about Compuware products today and to glimpse at the company’s future direction.

“Evolve” was the eponymous theme for this year’s Sales Kickoff, and a pertinent one considering the innovative trajectory of the mainframe and its culture, processes and tools within companies like Compuware and many of our customers.

At Evolve, Compuware employees were fortunate to hear from three dynamic mainframe customers, including a leader in DevOps architecture at a major international bank; the Chief IT Infrastructure Specialist at a major financial services group in Europe; and the Vice President of Software Development for a multinational financial services corporation.

Each customer was generous enough to provide unique insights around how Compuware tools are helping evolve their company’s mainframe development, from enabling DevOps and helping less experienced developers understand mainframe programs with ease to driving impactful process changes.

DevOps Transformation

When the mainframe team of our first customer to speak began its DevOps journey, they quickly realized the process would require modern mainframe tools that integrated into a cross-platform DevOps toolchain. For example, it needed tools that could work with those from SonarSource to increase the value and quality of their mainframe applications, and an Agile source code management, release automation and deployment automation tool like ISPW that would enable cross-platform parallel development.

Not long after our customer realized the need for these tools, Compuware announced an integration between Topaz Workbench—its intuitive Eclipse-based environment for mainframe source-code editing, debugging and tuning—and SonarSource’s SonarLint and SonarQube. It also acquired ISPW and began making enhancements to the product.

Our customer joked about the frequent coincidences between their ideas for implementing progressive tools for mainframe development and Compuware’s actualizing of them. These and other instances of delivering the right Agile-DevOps mainframe tools and integrations were ultimately crucial to helping our customer drive the current Agile-DevOps transformation of its mainframe and have led to a dynamic company-customer relationship.

Java-COBOL Collaboration

There’s nothing quite like watching one of your mainframe customers perform a flawless 45-minute live demo of your products. That’s what our second customer who spoke did to demonstrate how their developers use Compuware tools, first describing what the team liked about the tools and later what they thought Compuware could do to improve them.

The demo included a range of Compuware products our customer uses through Topaz Workbench, including:

  • File-AID for cross-platform file and data management
  • Strobe for mainframe application performance management and analysis
  • Abend-AID for application failure resolution and fault management
  • Xpediter, a mainframe application interactive debugging tool that also offers code coverage for mainframe application analysis

These Compuware tools enable our customers’ developers to improve productivity because the tools are designed to facilitate agility and collaboration, allowing development teams to tear down siloes and collaborate across platforms.

In one phenomenal example of this, our customer demonstrated how an Xpediter debugging session through Topaz Workbench enables developers to debug COBOL-to-Java and Java-to-COBOL, supporting Compuware’s message that developers don’t need separate IDEs and can work with ease on programs that touch mainframe and distributed code in one environment.

As digital transformation becomes more inevitable for companies that wish to remain competitive, scenarios like the above will become the norm. Compuware is delighted to be helping customers achieve this today.

Incremental Process Changes

Our third customer sat down with Compuware Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development Pete Harteveld for an on-stage “fireside chat” to talk about their mainframe team’s incremental shift from waterfall to Agile Development. The customer indicated that Compuware tools were a key factor enabling inexperienced mainframe developers to understand mainframe programs and were also helping drive serious development process changes.

Our customer is also using the Compuware Value Improvement Program (VIP) on a weekly basis. The VIP is an exclusive evidence-based customer program designed to help qualify, quantify and increase the value mainframe customers derive from Compuware’s solutions.

With the VIP, our customer can see what Compuware tools his developers are using, enabling him to discover reasons for why they may or may not be. This level of knowledge around tool utilization is key to helping companies drive process changes because it provides information on development areas that may require more transformation than others.

Maintaining and growing great relationships with customers is vital to Compuware’s success. Customers’ needs are what drive the creation of great products. It was an honor to host these three essential mainframe customers at Evolve and hear their feedback on how Compuware’s unwavering customer devotion and modern mainframe tools are helping them succeed.