The Modern IDE

The Modern IDE

Overview: In Chapter 7 of his podcast series, Rick Slade welcomes Compuware Group Product Manager Steve Kansa to discuss the importance of a modern development environment and its role in improving the quality, velocity and efficiency of the software delivery pipeline.

Developer productivity has been a common thread throughout Compuware Executive DevOps Solution Architect Rick Slade’s podcast series, Building a Better Software Delivery Platform. Adopting Agile and DevOps methodologies and automating your software delivery pipeline can increase quality, velocity and efficiency by reducing time spent not writing code. Transitioning between job responsibilities like editing code, entering test data and debugging takes time that could be better spent writing software that brings value to your customer.

Compuware Group Manager Steve Kansa joined Rick to discuss how a modern IDE can maximize developer productivity in Chapter 7 of the series. Modern interfaces, they say, should be easy to learn and comfortable not only for experienced developers, but for new talent. And new tooling should provide developers with the ability to write quality code at the speed required by the digital economy. Steve sums up the role of the modern IDE in one short statement:

Ultimately, you want to arm your developers with something that’s going to make them as productive as possible.

Rick and Steve go on to discuss the gains in efficiency they’ve seen from modern development environments, and the impact of the IDE on automation throughout the SDLC. An integrated development environment, they argue, allows developers to quickly create test cases and scenarios, and manipulate test data. This not only produces time savings from the actual tasks, but provides faster feedback, ensuring the quality and functionality of the code.

Listen to Chapter 7: A Modern IDE to hear more from Rick and Steve about the importance of the delivery environment. Visit to listen to all of the episodes in the series, set a reminder for each Friday’s live online Q&A session, Office Hour with Rick Slade, and watch past Q&A sessions.

And don’t forget to tune in to Chapter 8: Better Code Understanding and Analysis for Rick’s discussion of tooling and automation of discovery and impact analysis.