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The Essential Guide to Mainframe Transformation

Overview: Trailblazing early adopters of DevOps on the mainframe are sharing what’s worked and what hasn’t on their DevOps journeys. Their best practices for achieving mainframe agility are captured in Compuware’s “10 Steps to True Mainframe Agility” eBook, which is now in its second edition.

Leaning in and collaborating closely with your customers comes with some amazing perks:

  • You don’t have to stand on ceremony: you get to collaborate, experiment, iterate, learn, take your knocks and celebrate your mutual success—and if you’re fortunate, do it in perpetuity
  • You get continuous feedback on what’s working and what’s not—and the opportunity to adjust course as necessary
  • You become privy to amazing insights and experiences that would otherwise be impossible to come by—and you get to collect those insights and share them with others

The Compuware 10 Steps to True Mainframe Agility ebook, now in its second edition, captures the steps customers have taken to modernize their mainframe practices. Five years ago, mainframe DevOps was still a vision. Today, early innovators are stepping forward and sharing what works and what doesn’t.

The biggest companies in the financial services, insurance, health care, retail and manufacturing sectors have downloaded this guide. It’s Compuware’s most downloaded resource. Why? Because it’s simple and it’s useful, answering questions like:

  • What’s the best first step to start a mainframe Agile/DevOps journey?
  • What should my transformation goals include?
  • What does a modern IDE look like?
  • What does success look like at various junctures in the DevOps journey?
  • What are best-in-class DevOps tools to help improve software delivery quality, velocity and efficiency

A lot of mainframe DevOps goodness can be unlocked in this resource. Download your copy today.

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