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Test Drive Modern Mainframe Development with Compuware

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Agile organizations are efficient with their time, so it makes sense they want to spend as little of it as possible finding and implementing effective tools to help them improve development quality, velocity and efficiency.

Understanding this need, it’s not uncommon for leading software partners to offer product trials that enable DevOps teams to quickly decide if tools are right for them. That’s why we introduced Compuware Test Drive.

For those who are serious about implementing modern mainframe technology to support DevOps and align their mainframe environment with the rest of their agile business, it makes sense they would expect to have a quick, easy way to empower their developers to trial tools and reduce the time it takes to make an implementation decision.

That’s what Compuware Test Drive does. It’s a virtual instance of Topaz—Compuware’s modern Agile platform of mainframe development and testing tools that integrates into your DevOps toolchain—that enables you to experience the value of our solutions without installing or upgrading Compuware products and without using any MIPS. That means you can make more efficient tooling decisions that support your organization’s increasing agility.

To learn more about Test Drive, watch our webcast “Compuware Test Drive: Take Topaz for a Spin” from Compuware’s “Did You Know?” series. We dive deeper into:

  • What Compuware Test Drive is
  • Why you would use it
  • How you use it
  • Where you use it
  • How you can begin your real Topaz journey

What You Can Do with Compuware Test Drive

If you can’t watch the webcast right now, here’s a little bit of what you will be able to accomplish in Compuware Test Drive after you learn about Eclipse and build your environment with Compuware Host Explorer and JES Explorer.

1. File and Data Management

During this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use some core features in Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data and File-AID that allow you to manage various file types and understand data relationships.

Compuware | Topaz Workbench | File-AID Data Editing

The File-AID Data Editor enables you to edit and brows multiple file types with one tool

2. Code Analysis and Debugging

Next, discover the ease with which you can make program changes by intelligently editing and debugging source code and dynamically visualizing applications using Compuware Topaz for Program Analysis as well as leverage other core Compuware tools like:

  • Xpediter for debugging
  • Abend-AID for application failure resolution and fault management
  • iStrobe, the browser-based reporting and analytics interface for Strobe, our performance management and analysis solution.

Runtime Visualizer through Topaz for Program Analysis provides graphical visibility into what happens when an application executes

3. Automated Unit Testing

When you get to this point, you’ll be ready to see how Compuware Topaz for Total Test—one of our automated unit test creation and execution tools—enables you to create reusable test scenarios and run them independently with data stubs, regardless of data accessibility.

Topaz Total Test

Automatically generate a unit test and test assets with Topaz for Total Test

4. Source Code Management

Last but not least, you’ll get experience with Compuware ISPW, our Agile source code management and deploy automation solution for the mainframe. You’ll learn how ISPW helps you quickly and safely build, test and deploy mainframe code.

Compuware ISPW | Modern mainframe source code management

ISPW for Agile source code management – parallel development, Life Cycle chart, end-to-end tracking, audit trail, impact analysis

As you go through these tutorials, you’ll learn the basics of core Compuware products leveraged in Topaz. As for the Compuware products not mentioned here, were do currently have other tutorials under development, so you can expect to see more in the future.

You can get more information on Compuware Test Drive here, including taking first steps, tutorials on actions you can take and answers to frequently asked questions. And if you’re ready to take the step of taking Topaz for a spin, contact your Compuware account team to retrieve your ID and password to access your two-week virtual instance of Topaz with up to 20 licenses.

Start your Topaz experience today!

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