Mainframe z/OS common install
October 5, 2016 COBOL 0 Comments

Ten Immediate Benefits of Mainframe z/OS Common Install

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Compuware’s mission is to continuously improve customer experience and to deliver products and services with elegant simplicity. This includes the process of installing and maintaining products.

Over the past year we have been introducing changes to the process of installing and configuring our products, including our new Common Parmlib facility designed to simplify customization and make it easier to deploy our products across systems.

Yesterday, IBM announced enhancements and futures for SMPE, Product ServPac and z/OSMF to support a mechanism that all mainframe software vendors can use to simplify and standardize the installation process.

IBM’s announcement perfectly coincides with our desire to reduce complexity by creating industry standards for packaging products and a workflow to identify and coordinate installation and customization tasks. It has been a pleasure to be an active contributor to this project.

Top Ten Benefits

Here are ten benefits we expect customers to gain through this common install project:

  1. The install method will be the same for IBM and participating ISVs
  2. The Common Installer app will be native to z/OS and always available
  3. The app has a modern interface running under z/OS Websphere Liberty
  4. The app provides a checklist of steps to follow to install, configure, deploy, and verify products
  5. Tasks can be delegated to different resources
  6. Users can add their own tasks and notes
  7. Task checklists are ordered sequentially, but can be filtered by skill (task type) or assignee
  8. Tasks show the exact status of the install with a percent-complete indicator
  9. Users can resume or review at any time, and re-do steps if desired
  10. Completed workflows can be used as a reference to what options were selected and the results of steps performed

IBM, Compuware, and other major ISVs are participating in and supporting this important initiative, adding tremendous value to the entire mainframe ecosystem. We at Compuware would love your input as well. If you’re interested in providing feedback and/or seeing some of our preliminary prototypes, please contact your Compuware Sales Rep or Account Consultant to arrange a meeting.

Stay tuned for further exciting announcements!

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Keith Sisson

Keith Sisson is the Director of Technical Services at Compuware. His team is responsible for product manufacturing and delivery as well as a wide range of software and services in support of the software engineering group. He has over 30 years of experience in operations, tech services, application development and has provided IT consulting services to a number of Fortune 500 companies.