November 16, 2015 Batch Automation

Sync It Up: Ensuring Your Levels Match

When something works as well and as automatically as Compuware ThruPut Manager, it can be easy to take it for granted. After all, it just works. However, powerful solutions are often dependent on, or tightly coupled to, the operating system or other software, which means it’s essential to keep them in sync.

For ThruPut Manager, your z/OS and JES2 levels are critical. When you first install ThruPut Manager, it includes stubs to match your JES2 level at that time. These stubs have to understand the existing control block structures.

While ThruPut Manager has a variety of controls to ensure that it still matches with JES2 and OS levels, make a note to check on this when you have to apply maintenance to JES2 through SMP/E.

Why Is This Important?

As an example, IBM defined p-levels and s-levels so that when they make a significant change, they change the level. ThruPut Manager needs to know about these level changes and you can keep it up-to-date. IBM tends to be a little better about not changing the middle of control blocks, but you still want to be aware of the need to sync up in these situations.

Why does this matter? Well, if you have a large maintenance window, you have time to fix things up after detection. But for most of us, our window is small. You have no choice but to get it right. Plan in advance and take steps to ensure that all your software works happily together.