May 15, 2015 Workforce

Sustaining Efficiency Through Analytics in a Changing World – Three Questions That Expose the Human Capital Threat

The world wakes up every morning oblivious to the fact that the mainframe will never fail them. Whether getting cash from an ATM, shopping online or trading stocks, the mainframe plays a critical, but often under appreciated role in the customer experience. This has been made true, in great part, by your dedicated employees who have served the mainframe platform for decades. The only thing that will stop these dedicated workers is retirement.

For the first and only time in 40 years, IT leadership will be confronted with the reality that the platform they’ve relied upon to never fail, always scale and remain impenetrable will likely have a 70% turnover in staff in the next few years. The one thing that they never had to worry about will soon be “unchecked” and demand their full and dedicated attention. This is not a situation for which hope can be a viable strategy.

If hope is not a strategy, what is one to do?
Worldwide observations show that mainframe employee churn is exponentially accelerating. Millennials and other developers new to the platform bring, understandably, inexperience with the technology and non-existent knowledge of critical business applications that form the mainframe mainstay of your IT. With an approximately 70% in personnel turnover, how can you transition such high percentages of staff and keep the impact to your business minimal?

What is the change like at your outsourcer?
Internal churn can be predicted and planned for in the main, but how do you evaluate it relative to an outsourcer? How many and what skills are leaving and when? In many cases outsourcer staff are faceless to you. You are not privy to the staffing levels as it is covered by an umbrella of abstract concepts dictated in standard contracts. It may shock you that many of our customers experienced a 75% year-on-year change in their outsourcer personnel hidden from their customers. Can you imagine, or know, the possible impact of this on your application quality and release rate, not to mention reliability?

How efficient are your staff and can that efficiency be maintained or improved?
Perhaps you are wondering: “What standard of efficiency can I expect with all this change going on?” Even for your seasoned staff with years of experience, how do you know timeous appropriate actions are happening? Are they leveraging the tools that the company has provided for them to the fullest? Are there any best practices and are these being shared and utilised? Is there a gap somewhere and what type of training can help to fill that gap?

These are hard questions to answer, but they uncover your human capital challenges. These questions cannot be ignored if sustainable success is the aim.

Compuware is working on assisting you to address these questions through providing you with important business analytics, enabling you to identify and overcome these challenges as part of our renewed Value Improvement Program. Customers who embrace these analytics can understand their current challenges in quantifiable ways, allowing them to take appropriate actions and then measure the result. These analytics are easy to collect and visualise through our executive to practitioner dashboards at a low cost.

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Elizabeth Maxwell

Elizabeth Maxwell is the technical director at Compuware and a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)