Storage Performance

Storage Performance

VSAM and Disk Performance Management

To reduce data storage costs, enterprises need superior tools that maximize data storage capacity, reduce VSAM run time, improve CICS and batch performance and reduce CPU consumption.

VSAM Performance (IAM)

  • A reliable, high-performance and transparent alternative to a VSAM Key-Sequenced Data Set (KSDS), a KSDS with Alternate Indexes, an Entry-Sequenced Data Set (ESDS) and a Relative Record Data Set (RRDS) that are commonly used by CICS online regions and Batch jobs.
  • Has a proven track record to outperform VSAM by reducing the number of I/O operations resulting in reduced CPU time, elapsed time and response time.
  • Lowers costs by exploiting 64-Bit storage for buffering and indexing resulting in significant CPU time reduction and improved elapsed time.

Disk Reorganization (FDRREORG)

  • Provides a VSAM data set reorganization solution that is fast, flexible and intelligent. Reorganizes VSAM KSDS, Alternate Index (AIX) files, and IAM and IAM AIX files.
  • Given user-specifiable controls, a reorganization can be avoided altogether if the file will not benefit from reorganization. A simulation mode is provided to establish the selection criteria at just the right threshold.
  • Provides data set reorganization for IAM files while data sets are open for updating in CICS regions. Updates that occur during the reorganization process are applied in a timely fashion after the reorganization is completed.
  • Significantly faster than VSAM IDCAMs reorganization, providing a 20% to 60% reduction in wall clock, CPU time and I/O operations (EXCP) compared to VSAM IDCAMs.

Disk Management (FASTCPK)

  • Ensures storage volumes are operating at maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Consolidates free space into one or two contiguous areas to ensure data set allocation is placed on the right disks with correct primary and secondary allocations.
  • Merges extents from Sequential, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, and Extended Format VSAM data sets and releases all or part of the unused space.