Application Backup (FDRAPPL)

An automated and flexible application backup system which allows a pre-defined groups of data sets that belong to a single z/OS application to be backed up together across multiple volumes.

Applications can be backed up before and after execution to create consistent restore points in the data.

Backed-up datasets can be restored individually or as a whole for the entire application.

Data recover can be prioritized in an emergency by restoring critical applications ahead of less important ones.

Data Archive, Migration and Space Management (FDRARC)

High-performance archival tool that optimizes the placement of unwanted or expired data sets. Operates on datasets in a single volume, pool of volumes, or an entire storage subsystem.

Archived data sets can be migrated to high-capacity tape, a Virtual Tape Server (VTS), or a compressed format on an alternative disk.

The auto-recall facility transparently recalls migrated data sets when they are referenced by a batch job, online application, or by an end-user.

Full-volume and Incremental Backups for Local and Disaster Recovery (FDRINC and FDRDRP)

Full-volume backup contains all of the data on the volume and is usually done once per week. The incremental backup contains only the changed data and can be done once per day.

When combined with FDRINSTANT, there is minimal application disruption. With FDRCRYPT, the full and incremental backups can be encrypted to ensure against unauthorized access.

Volume backups are tracked using an automated recording mechanism allowing volumes or individual data sets to be recovered easily.

FDRDRP coordinates the recovery of multiple incremental backups and reduces the tape contention resulting in significantly improved performance.