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Storage Backup and Recovery

Storage Backup and Recovery

High-performance z/OS DASD Management

Backup and Recovery (FDR)

  • Provides full-volume and dataset backups and restores.
  • Allows datasets to be restored in their entirety or selectively by data set name or VSAM cluster.
  • Can print the contents of DASD data tracks including the physical layout of each track, physical record and key field.
  • Can create a Stand Alone Restore (SAR), an IPL-able program to restore FDR full-volume backups when an operating system is unavailable due to hardware or software issues. The SAR can setup a new data center by restoring backups of volumes prepared at another site.

Automated Backup and Recovery (FDRABR)

  • Automates the execution of FDR full-volume and data set backups and restores.
  • A powerful suite of flexible and high-performance z/OS DASD backup and recovery tools.
  • Suite includes capabilities for managing volume and incremental backup, application backup, data archive, migration, and space management
  • FDRABR also includes FDREPORT for storage management reporting

Storage Management Reporting (FDREPORT)

  • Draws information from a multitude of sources to produce customized reports on storage-related information.
  • Contains a set of pre-defined health-check reports that provide a snapshot of critical mainframe storage statistics.
  • Reports can be tailored to Storage Administrators, Operations Support, Data Analysts, Data Security and Audit Specialists.
  • Information is viewable in z/OS Batch reports, TSO/ISPF displays and on GUI with FDRWEB.

DASD Management Reporting (FDRWEB)

  • Interactive, browser-based, web application that provides users with z/OS storage management system insight.
  • Leverages an easy to use GUI for gathering data from a multitude of sources including FDREPORT.
  • Runs as a standalone task using the IBM JAVA Virtual Machine under UNIX System Services. Can produce reports in several formats including a CSV Report importable into a spreadsheet.