Source Control: SCM Migration
June 15, 2020 DevOps, Podcasts

Source Control: SCM Migration

Overview: Compuware’s Director of Migration Services Francois Dansereau joins Rick Slade on the Building a Better Software Delivery System podcast to discuss SCM migration and his methodology for making sure it goes smoothly.

The Boy Scout motto is, “Be prepared.” It’s good advice, to be sure, and a maxim that Compuware’s Migration Services Team has taken to heart.

Following up on the previous episode’s discussion of the modern SCM with Compuware Product Owner Mark Schettenhelm, in Chapter 6 of the podcast series, Building a Better Software Delivery Platform, DevOps Architect Rick Slade talks about SCM migration. Rick welcomes Compuware Director of Migration Services, Francois Dansereau, to talk about the steps taken by the team to ensure that each migration they assist follows the same processes and is as trouble-free as possible.

Thanks to a blueprint developed over the course of the more than 300 migrations Francois and his team have completed, as well as the tooling and automation they’ve developed, the effort can be made much more predictable with less strain on resources. Their methodology helps ensure that ISPW is configured correctly and that users are prepared to begin using it as soon as migration is complete.

Francois details the five gates that he and his team use to ensure a consistent process with predictable results:

  1. Assessment
  2. Design and Architecture
  3. Solution Development
  4. Migration
  5. Post-Migration

To learn more about the SCM migration process and Francois’ methodology, listen to Chapter 6: Source Control for Agile Delivery II. To listen to all episodes in the Building a Better Software Delivery Platform series, including Chapter 7’s discussion of modern delivery environments, visit