Source Control: Modern Software Delivery Support

Source Control: Modern Software Delivery Support

Overview: The SCM is an integral part of a modern software delivery system (SDS). In the fifth episode of his podcast series on modernizing your SDS, DevOps Architect Rick Slade talks with Product Owner Mark Schettenhelm about the role of the SCM in an Agile environment and how Compuware ISPW assists with automation.

In Chapter 5 of the Building a Better Software Delivery Platform podcast series, DevOps Architect Rick Slade welcomes Compuware ISPW Product Owner Mark Schettenhelm to discuss source control in Agile software delivery.
Rick starts off by explaining that the acronym “SCM” can mean both “source control management” and “system configuration management.” Whatever you want to call it, the SCM is an important piece of the software delivery system (SDS). As Mark states,

SCM is the core of everything a developer does.

ISPW, for example, helps manage the iterative and concurrent development required by Agile methodologies. Developers can work on pieces of code at the same time and merge updates without fear of interfering with other developers’ work. The effect of code changes on related components in the mainframe environment can be instantly assessed, and developers can compare versions of a program at different points in the software development lifecycle.

Mark explains how mainframe applications can automatically connect ISPW with DevOps toolchains through the use of webhooks and REST APIs (over 75 of them). This integration of ISPW with Jenkins, GitLab, and Bitbucket, just to name a few, allows automation of code quality checks, testing, compiling and more, and helps facilitate developer collaboration as well as continuous integration.

You can find Chapter Five: Source Control for Agile Software Delivery I at, where you’ll also find links to past podcasts and Q&A sessions. While you’re there, check out the second part of Rick’s discussion of source control, as he talks to Francois Dansereau, Director of Compuware’s Migration Services team, about the steps involved in migrating to a modern SCM.