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August 2, 2018 Cybersecurity, Data

Solving the Next Biggest Threat to Corporate Stability: Data Privacy

Remember getting a flurry of emails from companies you do business with just a short time ago? Each one sought to reassure you the company was going to comply with data privacy laws, especially the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You probably deleted the emails without a thought, simply hoping this might mean fewer data breaches.

Consumers in general don’t feel there’s a lot they can do to protect their data. Given the high risk and cost of identity theft and other breaches, you probably expect that the companies you work with will step up their game.

That is, unless you’re a developer at a large organization handling sensitive business and customer data. You understand the GDPR and all the other privacy regulations are your responsibility.

But how do you realistically manage the challenge of ensuring data privacy? There’s so much on your plate already; this new mandate can seem impossible to master. And even as you protect production data, have you considered the data exposure when you run application testing in development?

Improve Data Privacy

The Data Privacy Challenge

To accurately test your new and changed applications, you need to use data that reflects reality. No one has the time to create this data—you have to use a subset of your production data.

But the moment you do that, you’ve exposed this data to fraud and/or theft. It’s critical to protect this data while creating a quality test bed.

As well, you need to understand the data relationships across all your environments and platforms. And even after you accomplish this, you’ll have to figure out a way to understand and instrument the data privacy rules outlined in the mandates.

The Data Privacy Solution

Topaz for Enterprise Data not only solves the problem of building secure test datasets, it is also an engine to manage those complex data privacy rules. You can build a repository of the rules which can be static or dynamic and demonstrate your compliance with those rules, a critical component.

You can preview how your data complies with the rules before using it for testing. As the rules change, you can quickly update your repository without taking time from your other development work.

Improve Compliance with the Right to Be Forgotten

A big part of the GDPR is the right to be forgotten that it grants EU citizens, meaning they have ability to have personal data deleted upon request. Imagine having a way to view a visual map of your data dependencies so that you can quickly find and delete that personal data, without an exhaustive, manual scan of your databases. Topaz for Enterprise Data empowers you to meet this critical requirement and prove that you have accomplished it.

Don’t Fail to Comply

Companies that fail to protect customer data incur enormous fines and penalties, and the resulting press coverage usually results in the loss of customers and sometimes even irreparable damage to the company’s brand. Many can’t survive a single instance of this. Get ahead of the problem with Topaz for Enterprise Data, so you can know that you’ve taken every possible step to ensure strong data privacy in your organization.