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Compuware’s integration with XebiaLabs enables DevOps teams to automate, standardize and monitor code deployments across multiple platforms into multiple target environments. This automation and monitoring includes test/QA, pre-copy staging, and code promotion.

Problems Solved

At large enterprises—where distributed/mobile/cloud apps must access mainframe programs and data—continuous delivery is badly impaired by poor automation of and visibility into deployment of mainframe code. Integration of Compuware’s ISPW mainframe DevOps solution with XebiaLabs continuous delivery technology for cross-platform release orchestration helps enterprises overcome this common hindrance to digital agility.

How the Integration Works

Using the data-rich dashboards in XebiaLabs XL Release, operators can:

  • Easily view and manage deployments in one place as well as monitor their statuses across teams and environments.
  • Assess the number of component deployments and their success rate
  • Receive detailed analytics on release flow, including how long each step in the process took to complete. This intelligence is helpful in remediating persistent bottlenecks or other issues in code promotion to ensure a smooth delivery process.