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Compuware’s partnership with Parasoft enables integration between Parasoft SOAtest and Compuware Topaz for Total Test. The integration enables mainframe developers working in Topaz to directly access SOAtest’s API test automation technology to ensure the timely delivery of reliable, scalable and secure services.

Problems Solved

REST APIs and Web Services provide the backbone of today’s business-critical applications, especially when applications are using these services to access the power of the mainframe. In fact, a recent study found 72 percent of firms noted their customer-facing applications are completely or very reliant on mainframe processing.

As organizations move to accelerate Agile release cycles, traditional front-end testing often becomes a bottleneck. Test automation at the API layer is key to preventing this problem. The Parasoft SOAtest plugin for Topaz for Total Test brings the power of Parasoft’s industry-leading API test automation technology directly to the fingertips of the mainframe developer.

The integration enables developers to complete their unit testing of both their mainframe programs and the API calls to non-mainframe programs within a single IDE, enabling developers to find potential problems in their code as early as possible.