Atlassian Jira Software



Compuware’s integration with Atlassian JIRA Software enables enterprise developers and operations teams with mainstream skills to include mainframe application issues in their JIRA-based environments.

Problems Solved

Historically mainframe applications have been managed in a highly siloed, change- and risk-averse manner, resulting in the mainframe being excluded from the agile revolution that allows enterprises to more nimbly update their distributed, web and mobile applications. Siloed management of mainframe software issues is also an impediment to agile DevOps, since it slows the process by which issues are discovered by operations in production, referred to developers, and resolved.

Compuware and Atlassian are removing this obstacle to mainframe agility—significantly improving the ability of large enterprise to successfully compete in today’s increasingly digital markets.

How the Integration Works

The initial integration generates an issue in JIRA Software when Compuware Abend-AID or Compuware Strobe detect a performance problem or code abend in a mainframe application. Any developer tasked with that issue in JIRA automatically has the information necessary to start a Compuware Topaz Workbench debugging session that is pre-configured to address the precise point in the application where the issue must be addressed.

Benefits of the integration include:

  • Unified issue management across all platforms and applications
  • Technical guidance for mainstream developers with limited mainframe knowledge
  • More rapid problem resolution via automation

For further information to see how the integration works, go here.