Compuware and ConicIT are partnering to help next gen IT ops staff proactively resolve mainframe issues before they impact service levels.

Problems Solved

As enterprises continue to lose their most experienced mainframe experts through retirement, they must empower less mainframe-experienced operations staff to quickly identify and resolve a full range of application performance problems.

The integration of ConicIT’s predictive analytics and Compuware Strobe’s visually intuitive troubleshooting gives ops access to rich mainframe insight and practical remediation tools to safeguard application delivery.

How the Integration Works

ConicIT uses state-of-the-art machine learning to automatically baseline normal mainframe behavior across thousands of metrics. It then applies advanced algorithms to recognize in real time when those metrics deviate from the baseline, giving staff early warning about potential application issues—without requiring them to manually set and continually adjust threshold levels for individual performance parameters.

Compuware Strobe empowers even mainframe-inexperienced systems staff to act on those alerts by guiding them through an exploration of the problem using a combination of built-in platform intelligence and intuitive visualization.

The integration between the two solutions allows predictive alerts from ConicIT to automatically launch Strobe with its guided graphical troubleshooting pre-populated to address the appropriate corresponding mainframe conditions.