ThruPut Manager – Batch Windows to Paradise | Did You Know Series

ThruPut Manager – Batch Windows to Paradise

Learn how you can save money, save time and save MSUs by automating and optimizing your batch window management.

Solution Consultant Kelly Vogt and Account Consultant George Romney walk through the basics of how Compuware ThruPut Manager helps you solve common problems with batch windows, including how to:

  • Power its GUI dashboard to highlight real-time batch execution
  • Better prioritize batch processing based on business-related policies and goals
  • Automatically select the most urgent jobs first without system overload
  • Verify jobs have the resources they need and proactively manage resource contention between jobs
  • Minimize rolling four-hour average (R4HA) processing peaks with or without “soft capping”

If you can’t see the YouTube video, no worries, you can download it here: