Discovering the Hidden Gems of Compuware iStrobe | Did You Know Series

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Compuware iStrobe

Compuware Solution Consultant Dennis Nack and Account Consultant Brad Kaehler highlight highly useful but often untapped features of iStrobe—the browser-based reporting and analytics interface for Strobe, Compuware’s application performance management and analysis solution.

Discover the “hidden” gems in iStrobe that enable you to:

  • Identify performance improvement opportunities, estimate costs of poor performance and estimate potential cost savings.
  • Track issues and assign them to development teams for resolution through the integration with Atlassian Jira.
  • View and compare reports from two profiles in a folder.
  • Obtain SQL Explain and Catalog statistics on demand.
  • Create folders for storing and organizing profiles.
  • Create and manage customized help for iStrobe.
  • Specify the columns that will display in myStrobe.
  • Add personal comments to a Performance Profile.
  • Add comments for display in myStrobe.
  • Filter the profiles that appear in the myStrobe window.

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