Discover zAdviser – Machine Learning for DevOps | Did You Know Series

Discover zAdviser – Machine Learning for DevOps

A recent study by Consulting Forrester commissioned by Compuware shows that organizations are continuing to rely heavily on mainframe applications to run their business, but they’re only replacing about 1/3 of the experienced staff members they’ve lost to retirement. Given the market imperative to deliver innovative solutions, faster, IT teams need empirical insight into their DevOps processes and developers’ behaviors.

Compuware zAdviser, an evolution of the Compuware Value Improvement Program, provides that insight. Free for maintenance-current customers, zAdviser uses defined KPIs and employs machine learning to help organizations measure and improve quality, velocity and efficiency over time.

In this webcast, Compuware Senior Product Manager Spencer Hallman, Director Jim Seronka and Data Scientist Ratnesh Sharma will show you how zAdviser:

  • Uses machine learning to identify positive and negative correlations between KPIs and developer behaviors
  • Provides teams with analytic insight to continuously improve quality, velocity and efficiency
  • Enables self-serve access to Compuware tool usage data, dashboards and reporting
  • Makes recommendations for how to improve tool usage along with short tutorials on how to more effectively use product features and capabilities


If you can’t see the YouTube video, no worries, you can download it here: