April 14, 2016 Batch Automation

The New Normal in Batch Automation

There was a time when it was normal to control indoor climate by burning wood and opening windows. But we moved to furnaces with static thermostats and then to ones that could be preset by day and time for optimal comfort and cost control.

As part of the Internet of things (IoT) we now have gadgets like the Nest, a thermostat that learns what you want and then completely automates your comfort. This is the new normal in many households, where a smart thermostat controls a relatively dumb machine (furnace or air conditioner).

The old days of manual temperature control were a drag. Many hours were spent gathering wood and managing a fire. Even with hard work, most people were uncomfortable much of the time. They worked hard and achieved very little for their efforts. But this was normal for them.

How many of us are still “gathering wood” to manage our batch? Without automation, you may be struggling hard to meet due-out times, experiencing batch failures and delays that impact your online work. If you spend time changing workload priorities and interacting manually with your batch streams, you are back in the olden days of batch management. Not fun!

If you have some automation, like a job scheduling package, you’re in the days of the static thermostat. Better workload automation solutions may move you to a more modern level of automation, but you’re still not getting the advantages of the batch equivalent of the Nest thermostat.

The New Normal

What would give you the batch automation capabilities of the Nest thermostat in your data center? Compuware ThruPut Manager adds the automation you need to achieve the rest of your goals, once you have your scheduling automated. The batch “nest” will automate all of the following, customized to meet your individual goals:

  • Batch SLA management
  • Workload balancing and distribution
  • Workload prioritization and escalation
  • Data center standards management
  • Dataset contention management
  • CPU capacity management
  • MSU reductions and MLC savings
  • Safe capping/soft hammer approach to cost management

You have a choice. Keep gathering wood and tending the fire, or give it up to automation and get on to the many more urgent tasks and projects you have to do (and would prefer to do). Learn more about ThruPut Manager and get yourself to the new normal in batch automation.