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The One New Mainframe Security Tool Every Enterprise Needs

Do you still try to understand and report on what your users do on your mainframe by piecing together disparate logs and SMF data?


Fragmented, technically complex approaches to mainframe session monitoring are problematic for lots of reasons:

  • They’re slow, time-consuming and don’t quickly detect anomalous user activity that could indicate a serious insider threat.
  • They don’t satisfy compliance auditors’ demands for credible, accurate and complete user activity reporting.
  • They require specialized mainframe skill-sets that you’re losing by attrition.
  • They undermine audit integrity by making mainframe audits dependent on the same skilled and privileged techs who are often the subjects of those audits.

The only way to stay ahead of insider threats and fulfill intensifying reporting requirements—while keeping costs under control—is to deploy simple, direct capture of all mainframe-related user behavior.

And that’s exactly what Compuware Application Audit delivers. Today.

Application Audit: Innovation for mainframe security and compliance

Compuware’s Application Audit is an innovative cybersecurity and compliance solution that fully captures start-to-finish mainframe application session user activity, including:

  • All authorized access activity
  • All keyboard commands
  • All menu selections
  • All specific data viewed

This rich, complete mainframe session data will enable you to more quickly and effectively detect, investigate and respond to inappropriate activity by both legitimate internal users and intruders who gain credentials maliciously. Application Audit data will also help you better support any criminal/legal proceedings with complete and credible forensics—and more cost-efficiently fulfill compliance reporting mandates regarding protection of sensitive data.

We’ve created an intuitive web interface for Application Audit that empowers audit staff with little to no mainframe experience to set session recording parameters, review audit data and configure SIEM feeds. Plus, because Application Audit doesn’t require any changes to your applications, you can start reaping its benefits immediately.

You can also leverage our partnerships with CorreLog, Splunk and Syncsort to integrate Application Audit’s mainframe intelligence into popular SIEM solutions (including Splunk, HPE Security ArcSight and IBM QRadar) to ensure a full 360-degree view of user activity across all platforms.

What Application Audit tells you about Compuware

Today’s release of Application Audit has significance well beyond its powerful mainframe security and compliance capabilities. By releasing Application Audit, Compuware is also again demonstrating three important attributes as a company:

  • We are relentless innovators. Compuware has now released an innovative new mainframe software solution every 90 days for a remarkable ten consecutive quarters. No other mainframe partner even approaches this urgency and intensity of customer-focused innovation.
  • We understand you. Customers started snapping up Application Audit even before we announced GA, because it directly addresses a serious gap in mainframe security coverage. So we’re not just innovating for the sake of innovating. We deliver solutions that fulfill the relentlessly evolving needs of mainframe-powered enterprises.
  • We fit in. Compuware isn’t trying to be all things to all people. We’re tightly focused on real-world mainframe challenges in the context of the multi-platform enterprise. That’s why we work with innovative partners like Splunk, XebiaLabs, SonarSource, Syncsort, CorreLog, BMC and others. That’s also why we’re the mainframe ISV best able to satisfy your appetite for best-in-class solutions.

Application Audit is yet one more example of how Compuware empowers the world’s largest companies to excel in the digital economy by fully leveraging their high-value mainframe investments. For more information on Application Audit and the rest of our mainframe solutions portfolio, visit us here.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.