New zAdviser Data Stream Enhancements

New Enhancements Greatly Simplify Streaming Data into Compuware zAdviser

Overview: Compuware has simplified the management of data streams into zAdviser with new private client services. The flow of data into zAdviser can now be managed in real time, helping to streamline the collection and reporting of useful analytics.

Our customers know that incorporating analytics is integral to their mainframe software development strategic vision because it helps them identify waste and bottlenecks, understand how they can become high performers in software delivery (velocity, quality and efficiency), and gives them the means to measure, challenge and celebrate redefining achievements in continuous improvement.

At Compuware, we strive to be obsessed with the digital experience of our customers. zAdviser serves as an innovative platform where we have a unique opportunity to drive a gravitational shift in how we digitally serve customer needs and meet them where they are. We offer this through self-service interactive documentation. As of today, we have launched a set of private client services that help our customers automate the collection, transfer, transformation and loading of mainframe software development productivity data to our zAdviser platform. These new services make it incredibly easy for a development manager to take part in and leverage the power of zAdviser and understand how work flows through their organization. The lead time required from deciding to use zAdviser to viewing personalized interactive dashboards and insights can be mere minutes instead of hours.

The insights a data lake can offer are only as good as the data streams feeding it. Our customers are faced with herding data from potentially hundreds of LPARs and thousands of distributed and remote user nodes, where a mainframe development organization and the clickstream information it creates runs in the millions of transactions per month. Managing a data stream should not be a repetitive task and, as it scales, should not create any additional operational overhead. Getting productivity insight into an additional LPAR should be as easy and simple as sending an email.

Our new services allow a customer to visualize and verify the data streams required by zAdviser in real time. We solve this for our customers through automated Two-platform IT and highly interactive feedback loops powered by z/OS and serverless applications running in the cloud. We are able to provide these new modern experiences and capabilities by integrating and leveraging advances in CRM and identity management.

We do all this because we genuinely and obsessively care about our customers as they interact with our people, products and processes. zAdviser’s hyper-scale architecture affords us the ability to experiment on a massive scale and build new services and features that can be rapidly prototyped and deployed based on the stream of information actively flowing into the application. In this case, we are taking an algorithmic approach to provide better customer service to effectively simplify the maintenance of zAdviser and strengthen the synergy between development managers and their business-critical value streams.

As a Compuware customer please visit the Compuware Support Center to learn more about these new zAdviser data stream enhancements.