Modernizing on the Mainframe: A Case Study

Modernizing on the Mainframe: A Case Study

Overview: 3 Banken IT sought to modernize their mainframe development and delivery to increase innovation and enable new developers to work on the mainframe with ease and agility. A new case study examines how they were able to leverage Topaz Workbench and ISPW to adopt a graphical interface, accelerate development and deployment, and simplify work processes on the mainframe.

The bulk of modern banking has shifted from brick-and-mortar branches into the digital realm. For many banks, website and mobile apps are integrated with the mainframe environment for timely and efficient processing of transactions. In this highly competitive market, fast-paced innovation and high-quality products are key to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, a bank’s survival.

As the IT service provider for 3 Banken Group, a loose merger of three regional banks whose mainframe-based system serves Austria and several neighboring countries, 3 Banken IT sought to automate software delivery processes and increase the velocity of mainframe innovation while also making the platform accessible to the next generation of developers. A recently released case study shows how Compuware Topaz Workbench and ISPW have helped them achieve these goals.

A Purely Graphical Interface

Leveraging the graphical interface of Topaz Workbench, 3 Banken IT has made it easier for next-generation developers to start coding on the mainframe. By presenting them with a familiar, Eclipse-based development environment, Topaz Workbench has decreased the amount of time required to get new developers trained on the mainframe and bridged the knowledge gap between novice and experienced developers. According to Martin Etzelstorfer, 3 Banken IT’s Group Manager for Database Systems and Development Tools,

The mainframe meets the expectations of a new generation of developers, who can now easily write code on their own without any previous knowledge of mainframe development.

Compuware’s ISPW fully integrates with Topaz Workbench, promoting a thorough understanding of application relationships and allowing developers to break down silos and work on cross-platform applications, encouraging greater, higher-velocity innovation. And its visualized deployment status allows quicker identification of rollout problems as well as simplified rollbacks.


The integration of Topaz Workbench and ISPW has also assisted in 3 Banken IT’s efforts to automate their software delivery, allowing them to create simpler, more Agile work processes. The reliable source code management and version control offered by ISPW increase efficiency while its deployment capabilities allow for faster deployment with automated checks to ensure quality.

ISPW’s reliable source code management, status reports and integration with third-party solutions has also enabled the creation of a software development model that can be applied across each of 3 Banken Group’s member banks. Having individual software releases for each bank facilitates accurate and efficient internal version control, ensuring consistency across the organization’s operations.

The job is not complete, though. 3 Banken IT plans to further automate and increase the agility of their software delivery with the help of other Compuware tools. They also plan to leverage Eclipse extensions to integrate all application development tools into Topaz Workbench. Etzelstorfer states, “With Compuware, we can continue to further refine the mainframe in the direction of increased agility to ensure that it fully meets the demands of today’s banking environment.”

Read the case study to learn more about 3 Banken IT’s modernization efforts and how Compuware solutions are helping them achieve their goals.