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February 5, 2019 DevOps

Steeped in History: The Modern Mainframe at Lloyds Banking Group in Edinburgh

Overview: Early in 2019, Compuware developers traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland as well as other locations in the UK to spend the week with mainframe developers at our customer Lloyds Banking Group. Here, one of our developers relays her experiences.


I love the adventure of travelling to new places and meeting new people, so when I was asked to visit Lloyds Banking Group, a Compuware customer in the UK, it brought a smile to my face. Not only would I get to visit a place I had never been, but I would be given the opportunity hear feedback on our mainframe software products directly from one of our key customers. What a great opportunity!

When we arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland, we visited Old Town prior to meeting with our customer. Cobblestone streets led up uphill to a city fortress surrounding Edinburgh Castle. Bagpipes played in front of the town hall. It’s a beautiful area, reminiscent of days before the expansion of Western civilization.

Compuware | Lloyds Banking Group | Edinburgh

The next day, we met with our customer in a very different part of the city, dense with modern buildings and bustling with busy traffic. This transition between old and new was evident not only in the city, but in the Compuware user community at Lloyds.

Modern City, Modern Mainframe

Prior to the bank’s DevOps transformation, its mainframe teams were like any other historical mainframe shop: working in silos under waterfall processes with ISPF.

Today, mainframe developers sit in open-concept work areas applying Agile and DevOps practices on the mainframe through modern software like Compuware Topaz—our suite of Agile mainframe development and testing tools that integrate into a DevOps toolchain.

Just as the oldest areas of Edinburgh weren’t designed to support modern business, traditional mainframe culture, processes and tools aren’t cut out for modern mainframe development in a digital economy. Lloyds is a key customer that understands this reality, not only as a digitally enabled business, but as a digitally enabled business on the mainframe.

The culture enabling this modernization speaks for itself. They were such gracious hosts. They were inquisitive, they were sharp, and they helped us understand ways in which we could take next steps to improve Compuware’s products.

Compuware and Lloyds Banking Group developers sharing ideas and feedback

It was clear: The DevOps journey at Lloyds is well underway, and our products are playing pivotal roles along the journey—which is why I was so excited to host our partners here in Detroit two weeks later, giving them a chance to see how Compuware practices Agile and DevOps on the mainframe using the same tools we develop for customers like Lloyds.

My adventure to Lloyds began in a historical Edinburgh of old that laid the foundation for today’s modern city of digital business; it ended with my thinking this city was the perfect analogy for where the mainframe once was and where it’s heading today thanks to customers like Lloyds who understand the value and importance of the platform to their business transformation.