Compuware Value Improvement Program
April 6, 2016 DevOps, Mainframe Agility

Are You Making Development & IT Decisions Based on Fact or Fantasy?

Making the right decisions is critical to your business. When you’re the person in charge and you get things wrong, your reputation and job are on the line—there’s no shade to hide in at the top. So, when it comes to leveraging the efficiency of your mainframe developers, managing your outsourcers or improving your operational procedures, how do you ensure each decision you invest in has a good chance of making a significant business impact?

We all know the saying “Garbage in, garbage out,” and at Compuware we take this seriously. When it comes to our business and your mainframe we see ourselves as stewards of the technology, not just a vendor. This means we want your management team to understand the functionality and benefits of the Compuware tools they have invested in so they provide you with a “fact” based view of how to shape your IT department to better service your business needs.

We do this through the Compuware Value Improvement Program (VIP), a business-analytics program providing product usage statistics and data, for executives and practitioners, to maintenance-paying Compuware customers. Many customers use the VIP to gauge how the technology they invested in and their people are performing through smart based analytics that uncover where and when tools are utilized and processes are followed.

So, would you rather operate from a basis of fact or are you happy taking the risk? Here is what some of our customers have said about the program:

Replace Your Gut Feeling with Real Data

As a large German insurance company, Barmer GEK Hauptverwaltung can’t afford to make assumptions about its mainframe development productivity. Eberhard Hötzer, Head of Software Development at Barmer GEK Hauptverwaltung, says mainframe development is vital to the company’s continuing strategy, and the VIP provides Hötzer with data about how his team uses Compuware tools on the platform.

“We rely on the VIP to keep our development staff as productive as possible by instantly being able to identify gaps and potential areas for improvement. VIP helps us replace our ‘gut feeling’ with real data.”

Hötzer uses data from the VIP to determine his team’s strengths and weaknesses and make necessary changes to drive development productivity upward.

Continuously Improve Your Processes as Compuware Improves Its Tools

As Program Manager at Infocrossing – Missouri Medical, Cory Alspach knows his team derives the most value from Compuware tools by staying up-to-date with changes and improvements.

“With [the VIP], we have received top notch product documentation, on-site training sessions, and more to ensure we were getting the most from the products. We have learned about upcoming changes in new versions much earlier and have improved the productivity of our staff through optimized use of the Compuware suite of tools.”

Using the VIP to gather insightful product information and get his team training on new features, Alspach’s team avoids working with outdated tool versions and continues to improve mainframe development.

Prove Tool Value to Management and Monitor Outsourcer Usage

Frank Jaspers-Fayer, Director of Mainframe Services in Global Infrastructure Services at Manulife Financial knows management expects results from the company’s mainframe developers. Jaspers-Fayer uses the VIP to access data on how developers use Compuware tools and to determine where they can improve before presenting the information to management.

“I use the Compuware VIP Usage Collection report to demonstrate to senior management that the tools are being utilized, and to reinforce the value of each. It also identifies to what degree each of our internal customers are using the tools, and enables us to identify areas requiring specific training. In a recent case, it highlighted an error in setup by our outsourcer, and showed we weren’t using the expected version.”

The VIP creates transparency between Jaspers-Fayer’s team and management and indicates areas for improvement.

VIP Users Know What Is Happening at Their Sites

As stewards of the mainframe, Compuware helps maintenance-paying customers turn awareness into action by enabling them to leverage their tools for absolute value. The VIP helps your company gauge its current and future industry position; understand how it can better leverage Compuware tools to outpace competition; and increase productivity to make room for the pursuit of other business interests.

One Senior Technical Analyst at a large financial corporation said, “With our limited resources we could not have done this alone.” This customer and others have used the VIP to turn awareness into action at their sites by:

Instead of making development and IT decisions based on fantasy, why not start making decisions based on fact? Contact us to learn how the VIP can help your organization. Visit for more information.