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What’s in It for You to Make Managing Your Mainframe Easier?

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For many sysprogs who have spent their careers mastering the complexity of mainframes, our first reaction to hearing about a solution that makes the job easier for newcomers might be to ask, “Why should my job be made easier? With so much going on under the hood, a good sysprog should take the 20 years necessary to learn it all. That’s what I did.”

Just like hazing in fraternities, or other rites of passage, we can find ourselves believing that if it was good enough for us, it’s good enough for the millennial mainframer. Our expertise was hard-won and we deserve our recognition as mainframe SMEs. We’ve all seen people working on smaller, cheaper platforms who only have a thin veneer of knowledge about the hardware and operating system they’re using. It just doesn’t work as well as truly knowing.

And truth be told, as we get closer to retirement, but not quite ready to pull the plug on our careers, we might be uncomfortable at the thought of automated software doing a portion of our jobs.

Executing a Reality Check

And yet, there is a positive side to smart software for the experienced mainframer.

When implemented correctly, smart software allows you to leave the routine work to automation or to new hires and explore more interesting, challenging work—the kind of work you never had time to consider.

We got into mainframes because they were incredibly challenging. Every day was a revelation, and we had to be in a constant learning mode—and that was fun. But I’ll bet it has been a while since you felt that same rush.

What’s in It for Me?

The kinds of work that software can free you to do is the really interesting work. It’s also much more high-value and visible to management. Here are some examples:

  • Evaluate the feasibility and performance of all disaster recovery plans. While all are theoretically possible, would they work?
  • Get back to capacity planning, considering the time value of money and the value of delay. Give management your well-thought-out plan to manage IT expense.
  • Push zIIPs even further, challenging vendors to move their code to run there, saving lots of money.
  • Work with DevOps to increase application efficiency, leading to both better and more consistent performance and lower costs.

With a little thought, I’m sure you can come up with some examples specific to your own company. But do you get the idea? You don’t want to be doing the same things you were doing when you first started in this career. Then, they were interesting challenges. Now, you can do any of it in your sleep.

Push the envelope and strut your stuff. A solution like ThruPut Manager uses automation to take the routine work off your plate and focus on the things that excite you and get you noticed in your role.

Becoming a ThruPut Manager Champion

What do you need to know about the product to be a ThruPut Manager champion in your datacenter? What’s the value proposition for the enterprise that will get the budget manager’s attention? ThruPut Manager is a solution that:

  • Automates batch workload for optimized throughput that meets or exceeds SLA objectives
  • Uses automated capacity management to reduce peak MSUs for significant MLC savings, all while protecting critical workloads
  • Enforces software license compliance to reduce license costs and eliminate penalties incurred when jobs use software installed on unlicensed LPARs
  • Balances workload and increases efficiency, allowing for deferral of expensive hardware upgrades

These are just a few of the benefits. As you get to know the product, you’ll quickly realize it not only saves you time and money that are better spent elsewhere, but lets you do some really cool things with your batch workload.

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Chief Innovator, Denise P. Kalm began her career in biochemical genetics (M.S. University of Michigan). She went on to have a career in IT, beginning with programming, moving to performance and capacity planning and then to work for vendors. Her experience as a performance analyst/capacity planner, software consultant, and then marketing maven at various software companies grounds her work providing contract writing, editing, marketing and speaking services. She is a frequently published author in both the IT world and outside. Kalm is a requested speaker at such venues as SHARE, CMG and ITFMA and has enhanced her skills through Toastmasters where she has earned her ACG/ALB. She is also a personal coach at DPK Coaching.