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Mainframe Modernization

Mainframe Modernization

Get the Full Value from Your Mainframe Application Development and Data

Topaz is Compuware’s highly innovative solution that empowers IT organizations to preserve and advance their mainframe investments through mainframe modernization—on platform. Topaz’s elegant simplicity in design and usability helps a new mainframe application development workforce quickly understand, update, maintain and troubleshoot even the oldest, most complex and/or most poorly documented systems.

The Topaz suite is comprised of the following:

  • Topaz for Program Analysis – with Runtime Visualizer, Online Projects and Impact Analysis
    • Understand complex and unfamiliar programs faster
    • Make code changes to programs with more confidence
    • Instantly see code change results
    • Improve code reviews
  • Topaz for Enterprise Data
    • Edit data with a single data editor
    • Leverage data visualizations
    • Quickly copy files and data with a simple drag and drop
    • Search for data values within a single file or within a list of files
    • Compare data between two files
  • Topaz for Total Test
    • Automate unit test creation and execution
    • Automate “stubs” creation for repeatable tests
    • Validate code changes immediately
    • Use test results as a metric for SonarSource SonarQube Quality Gates
  • Topaz for Java Performance
    • Reduce CPU usage
    • Locate and correct Java performance issues more easily
    • Easily monitor heap memory