September 5, 2019 Mainframe Agility

Mainframe Modernization on Platform – More Companies Transforming

Overview: Is your mainframe ready for the future? Second in a two-part series of real-world stories
of how companies successfully transformed how they do business.

In our last blog, we reviewed three companies which are using Compuware Topaz as well as our other solutions. We heard the stories of how Topaz and ISPW helped these large financial and insurance institutions transform their mainframes, and with it their businesses. Topaz enabled them to process large quantities of data, ensure security, improve speed and offer more opportunities for customer-focused innovations.

In this blog we look at stories from two more banking institutions.

The team at Compuware has been the gold standard for customer care and relationships. We’ve had unprecedented access to their technical experts who stop at nothing to ensure our success.”

A large UK Bank wanted to modernize its digital service capabilities. The mainframe had been the main system of record for most the bank’s critical backend functions and processes, including its account engine, database and card processing. They wanted to enable improved, faster processes that would work with their business needs and be responsive to customers.

This banking institution has been a Compuware customer for over 30 years. When they reached out with their ideas about changing the mainframe and their development environment, they knew that Compuware would respond but had no idea how fully. Compuware presented a demo the bank found “compelling and fully-proven.”

Along with wanting faster processing, this customer made it clear they didn’t want to reinvent the wheel but did want to break down the pre-existing silos and have all their mainframe development teams working together. They relocated them to one site, enabling stronger relationships and a better understanding of one another. They realized this was a cultural shift and intended to bring everyone with them on the journey. Compuware helped with this too—sharing insights, supporting workshops and providing demonstrations. This built trust and helped give the bank development employees a vision and confidence about what could be achieved. Soon they moved away from huge projects, to smaller-sized, incremental pieces that moved things along at a faster pace.

The key capabilities that attracted the bank to the Topaz Suite included:

  • Topaz Workbench: Provides the bank with an Eclipse-based, integrated development environment (IDE) with a modern and intuitive user interface. This allows developers of all experience levels to use Compuware tools—including Abend-AIDXpediter and Strobe—alongside non-Compuware products and solutions from the bank’s wider DevOps toolchain—such as Jenkins and  SonarSource SonarQube—in a single environment.
  • Topaz for Program Analysis: Makes it easy for any developer at the bank to quickly understand, update and troubleshoot even the oldest, most complex mainframe code. It creates an instant, static visual summary of everything a developer needs to know about a program, or a dynamic visualization that provides them with a clear and accurate understanding of a program’s runtime behavior.
  • Topaz for Total Test: Enables the bank to fully automate the process of creating and executing unit tests. These tests can be stored in GitHub for reuse, enabling developers to automatically run “Java-like” unit tests to find low-level bugs with speed and confidence.

In the end, the bank got the results they’d been hoping for: Increases in quality, velocity and efficiency. They realized:

  • Developer productivity improvements
  • Greater innovation and faster delivery
  • Improved onboarding of next-gen developers
  • Better compliance with coding standards and technical debt monitoring

The significance of what we’ve achieved by bringing DevOps to the mainframe in just two short years is amazing. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without Compuware, which has become more like a partner than a vendor. Compuware’s efforts have truly helped our mainframe specialists believe that nothing is impossible.”

Our final customer story is about a banking leader in the Netherlands. Decision makers at the bank had ambitious plans to accelerate the innovative products and services offered to retail, private and corporate clients. Their vision was to provide a full range of financial and consulting services that would adapt to an ever-changing, heavily digital world. Investments in improvements had already begun, but they needed the right mainframe modernization solutions to help turn their vision into reality.

They were looking for solutions that would improve the quality, velocity and efficiency of their mainframe-based solutions. They needed Compuware.

After consulting with Compuware, they chose to use Topaz on AWS and Amazon App Stream 2.0 integrated with SonarSource, Jenkins, XebiaLabs XL Release and ISPW.

Through Topaz on AWS, on- and off-site developers could share the same software version and settings for swift, effortless access to the latest and most innovative enhancements within hours—rather than waiting weeks. This created increased efficiency and accelerated the onboarding process of new developers.

By integrating Topaz with Amazon AppStream 2.0, they gained a robust and scalable solution—a perfect match for the bank’s strategy—that automated and increased delivery velocity, enabling them to react quickly to changing business requirements.

Now, with the solutions brought about by Compuware Topaz on AWS, the bank is building a better future and living up to their motto: “Banking for better, for generations to come.”

These two stories, along with the three others before, and all the others we expect to tell in the future, serve as inspiration to any business about what’s possible. First there must be ideas, then a vision and then the right solutions to drive the changes needed to make things happen. And, of course, being passionate about goals and transforming one’s organization for the better. That’s visionary thinking.

Recent headlines about mainframe modernization solutions prove that not all companies can do what Compuware does. These stories show that Compuware makes bold promises and always delivers.